“Bettie Page” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me….

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Art Work
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“Bettie Page” – Spray paint on canvas.  Blue, Black, White & Red spray paints on 20″ x 16″ canvas.

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"Bettie Page" Ray Ferrer - 2013 20" x 16"

“Bettie Page”
Ray Ferrer – 2013
20″ x 16″

  1. Isobella says:

    I’m screaming right now!

  2. rakishlass says:

    Your work is gorgeous! I have a particular love for Bettie and all things pinup, but the work as a whole is stunning. Well done!

  3. Sophie33 says:

    Superb & special! 😉

  4. You have been nominated because I think your blog is fantastic.

  5. Busy.Girl.Shawn says:

    I just completely love this!

  6. It is not possible for me to love your artwork more. It’s stunning.

  7. krissnp says:

    ‘What it is all about’ is impressive.

  8. nikgee says:

    It is quite good!

  9. TBM says:

    Very impressed this is spray paint. You have talent!

  10. Bettie Page is more an icon now than I think she ever was, and you’ve captured both her allure and vulnerability well.

  11. hermanchad says:

    This is great. What’s even more cool is that it’s spray paint. How neat is that. Keep up the great art!

  12. filsdesam says:

    Reblogged this on fils-de-sam and commented:
    I want this.

  13. beautiful. I really like your work, LMA

  14. blue4vienna says:

    Hi Ray, nice canvas. You seem to like persons with lots of hair. You always know how to paint this so beautiful. I would love to see a piece of you from a lady with just plain short hair. 😉

    • urbanwallart says:

      Any suggestions? I am working on another piece at the moment and would love to do something a little more plain. Let me know. 🙂

      • blue4vienna says:

        Let me think about it sometime and when I find the right person, I’ll let you know. But for example Annie Lennox of the Eurithmics or the female singer from Roxette. They both have character heads….Just to give you an idea. Maybe put it on facebook and other people might also have great idea’s. And I would go for a women with short hair, with a strong head…

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