Some Images..

There are a lot more pieces to put up so perhaps over time I will get them up.  I wanted to have a place on the blog where people can just see the images if that is what they want to look at.  I have about 100+ more to add of personal work i have done for clients and businesses, both on canvas or as a mural and will get to it!  For now, ENJOY!!!  Comments are always loved!!

Ferrer -  Jim Morrison   "Johnny Cash" Ray & Rhian Ferrer - 2013 Mixed Media on Canvas 20" x 16"

"Midnight Cyclone" Ray Ferrer - 2013 20" x 16"  Vice Intuition Blanket Guitar Blanket Dandelion Blanket type bar mp Dandelion MP consent mp

"Heels" Ray Ferrer - 2013 Mixed Media on Canvas 2ft Wide x 3ft Tall  "Soul" Ray Ferrer - 2013 Spray Paint on Canvas "AFRO-Disiac" Tote Bag

Dandelion - Sunset     "Blues" - Ray Ferrer 30" x 20" Spray Paint on Canvas

"Old School - Sage Remix"  Pigeons  Ferrer_R_Fire Hydrant Ferrer - Subway interior Ferrer - Stool Ferrer - Bench

"Ferris Wheel"  "Sea Me"

"Submerged" Listen Up Esperanza Spalding

Frida Kahlo Blue Monroe

Ferrer - LAGOND6 Ferrer - LAGOND5 Ferrer - LAGOND2 Ferrer - LAGOND1

Turmoil  Play - 2ft x 2ft

Yours Truly  Optimism

Philly  "Closure"

"Jazzed"       Dear Sir

Spray paint on canvas     Ray Ferrer - Bride Ferrer - Smile Spray Paint Young Girl - By Ray Ferrer (Spray Paint on Canvas) Spray Paint on Canvas, 3ft x 3ft Spray Paint on canvas (2ft x 3ft) Acrylic & Spray Paint Spray Paint & Acrylic Spray Paint & Acrylic Acrylic & Spray Paint Spray Paint & Acrylic Spray Paint & Acrylic Spray Paint & Acrylic on Canvas

  1. Thank you so much for the follow. May the Lord richly bless you more abundantly in the name of Jesus Christ.

  2. Brilliant Technique. Love your work.

  3. em0navari says:

    Hi there, I love your art works. they’re really beautiful

  4. YomiBazuaye says:

    Awesomeness! Like your choices of subject, too

  5. Warren says:

    I can tell that you’ve got talent. It’s clear that you understand the principle of “Contrast”. If the sheer number comments doesn’t tell you, I will: you have great artwork 🙂

  6. emusedone says:

    I llove your art and enjoyed viewing it. I’m always amazed at the talent & ability to transfer what’s in our minds’ eye onto canvas or whatever medium. I’m a musician, I find joy in just playing my bass alone & writing certain lines from my thought process. Anyway, just wanted to say your work is wonderful!

  7. rjreitinger says:

    Ray, you’re work has kept me busy gawking. I’m impressed, sir. Some of it is border line abstract with just a hint of the concrete. “Sometimes the world is so beautiful, I don’t know if I can take it.”
    -From American Beauty, the film.

  8. Ron Nilson says:

    Love it Ray! Thanks for introducing me to your work.

  9. gh0stpupp3t says:

    I like Jim Morrison. I love the Doors. 😀

  10. @St-Manuel says:

    Exceptionally detailed…bold, delicate…and lots of life. Have you seen Exit Through the Gift Shop?

  11. Sandie says:

    These are beautiful! I enjoyed watching your video, too!

  12. zikaolofin says:

    I’m amazed at how well you capture the moods in your paintings. Simply brilliant.

  13. André says:

    Wow great stuff! Love your art.

  14. bayuchicago says:

    Wow! Your work leaves me speechless.

  15. Story Digger says:

    Your work is amazing – you have such a unique style! I’ve always loved mural and wall art – the traditions behind it going back to Rivera, Orozco, and other Mexican artists and how it has evolved in ‘modern’ times on urban walls.

  16. Absolutely incredible! I can’t help but smile as I view your work. 😀

  17. julie says:

    Very thought-provoking. You see the world like it really is, not just the surface colours…..

  18. If you can do something coffee inspired…like a close up of the coffee cup and elaborating the steam coming off the coffee…that would be amazing 🙂

  19. achlys128 says:

    Beautiful work…

  20. I love the feel of these black and whites. Excellent style

  21. jaimenote says:

    Nice Work!

    Google: Leaf Art

    It’s Amazing Stuff

  22. Amanda Mae says:

    Absolutely amazing! Your so very talented…I would never be able to pick just one as my favourite, they are all beautiful!

  23. bearsrebellion says:

    You’re the first blogger I’m following, take that as a compliment. Nice work.

  24. racheltejas says:

    Really incredible. I love your artistic process; it’s so intricate

  25. Tory Thames says:

    Beautiful art! I love the one: little girl all alone with hair blowing to the side. Just gorgeous. Also love the hand on the neck of a guitar.

  26. […]  Ray Ferrer – Emotion On Canvas  This is one of the very first blogs I followed.  I just love his artwork, which I think speaks […]

  27. Caleb Strong says:

    I love your work. I live in a big city and love wall art.
    The Johnny Cash mural is sick. I also love the cyclone one and all the subway paintings.
    Very real.
    Great job man.

  28. Thanks for the opportunity to find out about your work. What strikes me most is that you treat your younger subjects with the same respectful intensity as your adult subjects. Your works show so much esteem for humanity.

  29. InfiniteZip says:

    Amazing collection my friend, extraordinary gift 🙂

  30. Very beautiful. I Think you are a great artist!!!!

  31. jen-avon says:

    I love these since I’m a big Bansky fan!

  32. Melisa says:

    Amazing photos, great job 🙂

  33. dvmac54 says:

    Startling work. Every time I see superb work like this I’m inspired to improve on my stripped to the basics style

  34. 9001unwanted says:

    Beautiful use of space, contrasts, and subject matter!

  35. I Am Woman says:

    wow! your work is awesome! i am a fan!

  36. rubyr8 says:

    Awesome work, can’t ignore that fact. Hard though it was my fav pick is the image of the face with bandages. Invokes calm in my mind.

  37. livritome says:

    I stopped by to see your art — it is amazing. Peace, L.

  38. Robert Gore says:

    Quite good!

  39. pollyfrank67 says:

    Love your work, Ray!

  40. Leya says:

    Amazing work!

  41. love it makes me feel young

  42. muuchele says:

    Wow, I really love your artwork!! I’ve attempted the stenciling once or twice and it was a lot of fun, but definitely took a lot of work. You have a real talent!

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  44. scamp00 says:

    WOW! You are a creative genius, you craft is very BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING! I felt a little nostalgia when I some a few of your artwork that captured the glimpses of NYC. The Cyclone canvas brought back childhood memories when I went to Coney Island every summer!

  45. Marisa says:

    Loving your work–so stark and expressive.

  46. Amazing. I love the piece of the chess match. Reminds me of always losing to my dad.

  47. Argus says:

    I love it when I’ve been here before — but enjoy it as much a second time. That’s talent~!

  48. AdoDem says:

    Mr. Mojo Risin himself… Very cool.

  49. danth103 says:

    Beautiful work!

  50. Tammi Kale says:

    Your caption sums your art up perfectly – ‘Emotions on Canvas’ – Absolutely beautiful. I look forward to your future work.

  51. mizchika says:

    Wow! You have an incredible gift! These are absolutely stunning.

  52. nskidders says:

    Absolutely amazing-I love your work!! I’m actually headed to Toronto tomorrow and saw you mentioned some of your art work will be displayed. Do you have specific location? I’d really love to see your work in person, i mean it’s amazing online but in person must be just unreal!! Amazing!!

  53. agneskg says:

    Your pictures are great. 🙂

  54. Neil says:

    The lady on the bicycle is so cool!! Where could I buy a print?

  55. Jacqueline F. Holmes says:

    Nice images.

  56. lindajrinker says:

    I love your work — it has power and immediacy. I especially like the way you show the person behind the face.

  57. Emma14 says:

    Wow. You are extremely talented. Your work is fantastic! My favorites are the dandelion ones.

  58. eccl6 says:

    Beautiful. I absoluely love the black and white art.Thant you for sharing it with us.

  59. Soul Bitch says:

    I love your work! I’ve been wanting to help my daughter learn this spray paint on canvas style of art. I bought her all the materials, but now we need to get at it.

    I am particularly attracted to black and white, threshold images in my own artwork, as you can see from my gravatar. So I particularly like what you’ve done with the style.

    Might I ask what part of the world you live in? Or what part of the US?

  60. Carol the Oracle says:

    You are simply amazing. 🙂
    Brightest Blessings to you!

  61. Jenom says:

    You’ve got quite a gallery of beautiful and creative art. Keep it coming.

  62. jeanneahlers says:

    Love it! Do you have a website where you sell your art?

  63. Zula Julia says:

    Seriously cool stuff, love it

  64. Danielle C. says:

    Your work is just awesome!

  65. sherokeephotography says:

    Extremely talented

  66. Fantastic work. Excellent.

  67. southwrite says:

    These are fantastic images.

  68. Your artwork is so beautiful. Do you have any locations where your art is permanently displayed? I would love to see some of it in person. If there are such places, it would be helpful if you had a page on your blog listing these locations. Thanks!

  69. LisaListed says:

    Wow! You are incredible talented… I love your art and your style. When I was looking at all your photos, I tried to choose a favourite but I couldn’t… they are all so amazing and unique. Beautiful!

  70. What lovely images! You are a very talented artist.

  71. cynthiamvoss says:

    Love the dandelion!

  72. Your work is absolutely amazing!! Keep up the great job man.

  73. Briana M. says:

    Your artwork is lovely. Keep dreaming, darling. 🙂

  74. amngilbert says:

    What is the address of your solo exhibition in New London,CT? That’s close to me and I might like to go.

  75. Wow! Your talent is amazing.

  76. bookerplays says:

    Fantastic images. Great impact. Thank you for sharing them.

  77. findyeshall says:

    Sensitive power, 
    Graced in you. 
    Partially blind, 
    I am. 
    Yet clearly, 
    You helped 
    Me to see. 
    Gracious thanks. 

  78. tristangmt says:

    Awesome Art. Simple, minimalist and few colours but still awesome. Its still a mystery to me how most artist do it and looking forward to learn more. Are youtube tips ok as guide? Thanks

  79. Kennedy says:

    I’ll keep your link in mind when colleagues are looking for art to complement their publishing.

  80. I’m not exactly a visual artist, but your images were intriguing.

  81. Godshotspot says:

    Your artwork is fantastic and impressive.

  82. Kurt Arrow says:

    Great work! Love it!

  83. cheryllynneweber says:

    Pretty awesome stuff. I always love to learn about artists who use a fresh approach with materials and methods!

  84. Dionne says:

    Hi there! Your talent is beyond amazing! You almost have to reach deep inside your subject’s minds and souls to create such strong feelings of hope, strength, fear, courage, etc. Love your style!


  85. Hilda says:

    Really enjoy your art and seeing how you do it. Of course I am partial to the dandelions – exquisite.

  86. Kathy says:

    So many powerful images – I can only imagine the stories behind the eyes of your subjects made more interesting by your technique.

    • helenbellamy says:

      The best thing about your work, to me, is that you seem to be thoroughly enjoying the freshness of being creative! And by the way, go Tigers!! Can’t beat a real Plainsman. I know cuz my big brother spent happy days at Auburn.

  87. cafechica says:

    Love your style, so visually striking and unique!

  88. Intriguing and beautiful! Great talent!

  89. mincs1 says:

    Exquisite images!!

  90. sporterhall says:

    Oh my goodness! These images are mind-blowing!

  91. Extraordinarily impressive work!

  92. Love your work! You’re extremely gifted! Thanks for sharing your talent.

  93. These images are absolutely stunning! What stories they tell, and how powerfully they draw us in. Very, VERY, nice work.

  94. Lynnette says:

    You really did capture the emotion in their faces. Love them.

  95. Tilly Frueh says:

    Your images are outstanding.

  96. Eve Shay says:

    All of this is so enchanting… I love drawing and photography and this is amazing.

  97. Wow, your work is haunting, beautiful, and so unique. Excellent work.

  98. pastedreams says:

    I love your work, especially the Hendrix and typewriters, and am going to save up to purchase one in the future!

  99. Gotta love a woman carrying a trumpet! Thank you for your images.

  100. emmalmoore says:

    Your work is fantastic. They are simple but speak volumes.

  101. hipmonkey says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these. Amazing! Do you have any Beatles photos?

  102. itsteen0440 says:

    What a talent…your work is beautiful!!!

  103. Interesting work.

  104. Danielle M. says:

    Right now I find it difficult to drop a comment about your artwork. Others here have already echoed my first impression, and I’d rather share a critique explaining what I feel. Which makes this entire comment awkward–it’s never easy discerning emotion/feelings, although, you have this remarkable ability at capturing it well.

    I felt sadness, joy, nostalgia, compassion,familiarity, hope. I wanted to meet the people behind the paint because they were alive and I felt that–through expression–I already new the majority of their back stories.Who takes crap from no one, who has a kind soul, who still has innocence inside, and who hasn’t a shred left of it.

    Your talent evokes life. Thank you for showing people what humanity is all about.

  105. mchild says:

    I love your work, and the videos are great to watch. I like art as well and writing that can stand on its own, without a statement to explain it.

  106. alicetamani says:

    Hey Urban Wall art. I had to scroll down for so long to get to the comment field as you have so many! Wow – your work is wonderful. Thank you for being so committed. Maybe you fit the 10,000 hour rule. You are a genius.

  107. One word…..Awesome!!!!!!!

  108. asmukti says:

    Very clever. Awesome expression.

  109. beautiful imagery, so crisp, love the contrasts between dark and light

  110. nowstuffnow says:

    Great stuff man!

  111. bkpyett says:

    How many comments?!! Great work.

  112. M says:

    I am very interested in your techniques and look forward to reading your blog from time to time.

  113. Jenni says:

    Interesting – some quite obviously powerful and others quietly strong with the use of shadow and light as well as exposure. I think I need to send this to a friend of mine to have a look, he has a better eye than me (not by much but for this medium yeah I need to send him the url.)

    My personal response is I want to spend more time here and look at some of these in detail – something, elusive but something. My mother is the collector in the family and her partner is an artist of some repute – respected not revered. However I spent most of my young years going from gallery to gallery, small showings, large, sidewalk and carpark and if we went overseas – well I’m sure you can imagine.

    Thank you for sharing your work – a couple of them are going to follow me around for awhile I think.

    • urbanwallart says:

      I am honored and thankful for your thoughtful response! I appreciate your kind words regarding my work. I am constantly trying to capture emotion and evolve in my own medium, spray paint…

      Have a wonderful day!

  114. reighsims says:

    Great work of art!

  115. kennymack2 says:

    If God ever asks, I’d say ” I’m having what he had,thank you! “

  116. Love your images, Ray.

  117. WOW, lost for words! You’re really talented!!!!!

  118. Martin X says:

    Are these all commissioned, or do you sometimes spot a plain wall that needs decorating?

  119. bigfootmarty says:

    I enjoyed the look of the pieces and would love to see them in life.

    Someone earlier noted the dandelion seeds dispersing I liked those a lot.

  120. katlei2013 says:

    Your work is incredible and inspirational! Never seen anything like it. Hard to believe some of these are paintings and not photographs!

  121. Wow, your artwork is truly incredible! I am a believer in artwork that looks realistic. You have done an amazing job capturing the shadows and realistic aspect! You’re truly talented! Very unique artwork.

  122. firecook says:

    You some great work:)

  123. E. Alexander says:

    Mesmerizing images. Really good work.

  124. drew delaney says:

    Love the 50’s bar stools. Awesome stuff!

  125. I particularly like the typewriter and dandelion images above. Keep up the great work! ~ Kate

  126. There are some cool images here!

  127. pstpierre says:

    What a unique work of art.
    Really very fascinating. Good luck with all of it.

  128. sunshinebright says:

    Your work captures the inner soul.

  129. Tres, tres cool! Thanks for following my blog.

  130. Spectacular work! I, too, am attracted to the emotions evoked by faces and paintings. Really like your work

  131. writeondon says:

    Yor work is wonderful – thought provoking and really enjoyable. I like it.

  132. Heather says:

    Wow awesome work! I can’t wait to come back and look closer!

  133. Pat West says:

    I find your work awesomely creative! All best!

  134. Dr Wixy says:

    This is spray paint?!? I never knew spray paint could be so incredible! Rock on!

  135. amelieprojet says:

    Love the scenes in the subway

  136. madamesatie says:

    Wonderful, surprising work!

  137. very amazing blog. I like your works. you have talent and get more increment in this

  138. “type-bar-mp” is great, very good work there.

  139. What striking work! Such depth, with so much care and tenderness. Beautiful.

  140. Darrell C says:

    Very intriguing and engaging! It has the clarity of black-and-white photography, yet the colors and effects convey deeper and subtler moods and emotions. I enjoyed it and thank you for sharing!

  141. Author_4_U says:

    You are gifted and your work is phenomenal!

  142. samuelehall says:

    Ray, you have an exceptional gift. Which I know required exceptional discipline, fostered by the realization that you could do more, be more.

  143. mdaviswrites says:

    Hello, and thank you. After reading your statement about the importance of the craftsmanship of each piece of art, I looked carefully at yours and appreciate this. I will also think about this in my own work. Best, Mary Ann

  144. Great images; I particularly like the wistful look you have captured in third down, left column.

  145. Letting your work do it’s own explaining is great. I specially like the image of the little boy at the hydrant.

  146. NikeChillemi says:

    Is that the Cyclone in Coney Island?

    Terrific images.

  147. Essi K says:

    Absolutely amazing work!

  148. Abi says:

    I like how some of the softer edges suggest motion (especially on the pigeons), or a bright, glowing light.

  149. I loved your artwork especially the flower releasing seeds which seems to be an analogy for how we too lose small pieces of ourselves with the passage of time. I also loved your Marilyn Monroe pictures. I know what you mean about wanting to simply display only your work on a site. That’s what I want to do with my photography blog!

  150. SeptemberArt says:

    I like your work! I’m a big fan of stencils and the unique look they provide. You appear to have mastered the medium!

  151. naomi88 says:

    These are amazing! I especially love the dandelions!

  152. cardamone5 says:

    Your work is stunning. Very original. I love the interplay between grays, blacks and whites.

  153. Evivid says:

    My friend, were he still alive, would have loved your work. He was an amazing artist and started off with spray paint. Seeing your work reminded me of his. Thank you for it.

  154. Selene Zuni says:

    Awesome work! I’m considering taking up your offer to customize my photo in your style for a holiday gift to my uncle, I’ll email you on that later on. Keep the creative juices flowing!

  155. You have a bold, evocative style.

  156. VitaSun says:

    wow… You are so talented! People like You inspires me! Keep it up and best of luck to You!

  157. Diane Weist says:

    I love your choices.

  158. Really talented and creative work!!!
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing

  159. Stunning work! I especially appreciate the play of light and dark in your work. The spaces “in between” hold as much magic as the color.

  160. Dr Iffi says:

    It seems like u r trying to say something through each picture …… Images of memories …… Some glint of sadness in a few eyes ….. Its all too beautiful …. Too amazing ……

  161. Brayden says:

    Your art work is beautiful!

  162. Outstanding talent and beautiful art! Love the use of light and contrast, especially the facial features. I’ll certainly enjoy seeing more of your artwork, Ray. Cheers!

  163. lolly101lu says:

    Wow! I’m really amazed by your work. I’m definitely going to show my Art students your work to see how inspired they get.

  164. lilses says:

    I need to get my art game back on

  165. Hey Ray,
    I love your work and cannot even imagine how the did the Dandelions piece with spray paint?!! Have you considered adding a video portion of you at work on such a piece on your site? Crazy amazing!!!

  166. Andy Oldham says:

    Great work! I especially like the old man on the bike as it reminds me of my grandfather! Thanks for showing us your work!

  167. Harry Master says:

    Master pieces of art.

  168. […] just that with his blog Ray Ferrer – Emotion on Canvas.  A beautiful blog that is filled with breathtaking art, this blogger has grabbed my […]

  169. lulupoetrycorner says:

    Love the way you capture the moment in each picture….the people, scenes, all speak their own story…

  170. Lovely art, I especially like the eerie, slightly blurry quality.

  171. aak92 says:


  172. Deborah Wong says:

    Unbelievable. Period.

  173. Very nice work, I really like your images of people in the subway trains, reminds me of the 10 years I lived in NYC!

  174. grandeldress says:

    Absolutely awesome work!

  175. kathy says:

    Truly amazing…..I especially love the black & whites!

  176. dpatrickcollins says:

    It is great to see real talent. Keep up the artwork!

  177. Pretty creative stuff.

  178. Wow, there are some amazing pics here. I love the play of light and shade on what looks like fire escape stairs. You are very talented to do this with spray paint.

  179. quinmarks says:

    Man your art is very cool.. reminds me of some of the stuff I had to do when I was a fine arts major. Cool stuff.. I know how much works it takes to create something like the things you do.

  180. leelotchka44 says:

    I particularly like the pigeons and the small person-silhouette

  181. wendystrohm says:

    Lovely work and very inspiring.

  182. diversifolius says:

    Exquisite pieces!

  183. Eye365 says:

    I especially love the close up of the eye!

  184. Amazing artwork, both in style and technique.

  185. Eclipse says:

    Gorgeous pieces of art over here!

  186. atrandom37 says:

    I feel like I’ve seen your work about town before. Very Deja-Vu! My favorites are the civil rights movement and subway pieces. Will be following your blog as well to see what you get up to!

  187. seriously man you are too good. i am waiting for some tips.

  188. coastalmom says:

    I always think the word Amazing is over-used. But I need to say it here! 😉

  189. Wow! Gifted, talented, skilled, creative and impressive! Very nice work.

  190. Geri says:

    Beautiful! Very beautiful! Great work! 🙂

  191. Your work is amazing .:)

  192. I love high-contrast art. Yours is practically glowing. The subway paintings and light through the fire escape…especially moving, because how often do we see these things and think nothing of them?

  193. erbina barus says:

    you made an amazing job..very smart…good luck.

  194. Lia Carel says:

    Stunning work. All the best. L.

  195. Zach says:

    Really enjoying your images. Also digging your comments on quality versus content in your “about” section. Needs to be said sometimes!

  196. bilwal says:

    WOW!!! What handsome images you have created. Thanks for sharing them.

  197. plasmnetic says:

    Hi, urbanwallart! I enjoyed your art gallery. It is amazing. My favorite is the dandelion;it reminds me of being a child. Your use of the medium is impressive.

  198. wildninja says:

    The Cyclone piece is amazing. What a great perspective. I also love that you and your wife create some of these pieces together. That’s what marriage should be!

  199. Really digging your work. You really have a great feel for your medium and it comes through in your art. Looking forward to seeing more/being able to afford a piece!

  200. Hello, hello!

    Thanks ever so for your interest in my blog. I’ve enjoyed looking at your artwork. Dare I ask how you do it? I’m a lover of real art, and I suppose, as with most people, I especially love art that I can connect with because of some personal memory or association. My favourite of your pictures above is the dandelion, but I am a nature loving sort of girl.

    May much inspiration continue to be yours!

    • urbanwallart says:

      Thank you! I create a stencil that I cut free hand using a razor blade. I have a process video on my blog. Please go have a look. It will sum things up a bit.

      Also, I am running a giveaway now for the 3ft x 3ft painting of the dandelion piece you like. Anyone who purchases a painting large or small is entered to win that piece for free. I am also making it real sweet by offering bloggers an additional 50% off this for the next few days. Crazy but I love making good work affordable to everyone.

  201. cyleste says:

    What amazing talent you have! I’d love to know more about the piece with the diner stools – it really spoke to me. In all of them though, your poignant use of shadow and expert hands are incredible. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

  202. Robert B. says:

    These are EXCELLENT 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  203. Incredible work! Love the detail, and I feel that you are achieving your goal here – even over the web one gets a real sense of power and emotion. Fabulous!

    • urbanwallart says:

      Thank you! I appreciate it! Have you seen the latest post? I am offering a large giveaway! The smaller pieces are going quickly but there are still some great pieces.

  204. These images are fabulous! I can see how large the installations must be but these are wonderful.

  205. themofman says:

    Your stencil work is always top-notch.

  206. Screenwalker says:

    Your work seems very interesting and powerful, out of the paintings in this gallery, my personal favourite is probably the one named Intuition. The eyes of the girl are very alive, whereas the simplicity of the colouring gives stark contrast to the feelings I believe she is going through. I also like The Dandelion very much, especially the one with blue/black colour scheme. I am a big fan of nature and plant themed art, so Dandelion is close to my heart.

    But I also very much like the portraits, especially the ones with newspaper or orange backgrounds. These would really make beautiful art for streets or lobbies; or even private homes.

    I will add your blog to the ones I am following.

  207. bananabatman says:

    You are a talented artist. Very good work.

  208. Ms. Vee says:

    Absolutely breathtaking art! You have a new stalker. 🙂 See you soon.

  209. sapphiresthoughts says:

    This is my first time viewing your work. To say that you’re talented is an understatement. Keep doing what you love.

  210. I must say your work is incredibly evocative. I really like the Johnny Cash one. Are you using a screen printing technique in your work? Just curious too as to what type of paints you are using.

    Great work! Wish you were out in Vancouver. Have you ever approached the VAG or any of the other galleries out here about an exhibition?

    Have a great day.

  211. Your work is stunning and my comment feels like a drop in the ocean. What beautiful work you have posted here.
    Peace, Prosper and Live well!

  212. Kathi says:

    Love your images of people! Very creative. 🙂

  213. JVBurnett says:

    The dandelion speaks to me quite strongly.

  214. porcelainfox says:

    Your artwork is beautiful!

  215. ken says:

    I was a big fan of the Doors…love your Jim Morrison and all the others!

  216. Wendy says:

    You are very talented! Your work is unique and your use of colors is amazing!

  217. 9agz3 says:

    You are a talented artist. Keep up the good work.

  218. Your Jim Morrison piece moves me beyond words. My son was a huge Morrison fan, he liked the music of The Doors but felt a special connection to Morrison.
    Ken, was an artist and was studying animation at the time of his death. He loved the spray medium, and the inside of our double garage was covered with his work. When we sold the house, before his death, we offered to paint over his art work, but the new owners loved it. 🙂
    I live in Australia and love that the internet allows me to ‘travel the world’.
    You’re a gifted man and I look forward to following your artistic journey.

  219. Your work is stunning. I love it!

  220. WanderLocks says:

    Excellent work!

  221. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  222. Happy, Sad & Inside the Between says:

    There is such a sadness
    Such a depth that it seems to consume his light
    But he keeps starts again over and over
    What choice does he have?

  223. These are very nice. Keep doing what you do…however you do it.

  224. You have quite an array of images. I do like those using monotone color beyond the basic black and white. Variety is always nice.
    keep up the work.

  225. Your work in absolutely amazing!!! What medium do you use? Is that all spray paint? Although I noticed a bit of collage work with newspaper in some of the color paintings. Do you spray paint it then paint black over it? Also, I love your portraits! I’ve been practicing drawing portraits and people in general for a few years and I admire how realistic yours are!

  226. doreenmutheu says:

    Amazing work 🙂

  227. awax1217 says:

    I like the work in black and white. Especially the stools. Reminds me of Ansel Adams.

  228. Very creative and interesting. My fav is the butterfly on the sax with just a hint of color. Keep creating!!!!

  229. leapbubbles says:

    Some lovely work here. I did a spray paint on canvas for a friend some time back – the first time I had used this medium and loved the result. Your work shows me what is possible!!

  230. Bold Fresh Emotionally-Moving. I want to feel Art, not just Look. Love your work.

  231. Wow. I really enjoyed seeing your work. Outstanding! I hope to see it in person one day.

  232. Mike Osorio says:

    Incredible creations!

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    marvelous creations!

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    Go you! I love these.

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    I just discovered you, you’ve done a beautiful work 🙂 I love the Johnny Cash one! Keep on blogging, cheers

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    Your work is AMAZING!

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  242. Bravo! I love your work. Two girls….love love it….it’s all fantastic. Keep following your dream and passions never let that go. Peace.

  243. Ron says:

    As they say, “When you got it, you gt it.” You got it!

  244. Harvey says:

    Totally unique! Beautiful!

  245. LaBeccaRuth says:

    Wow, I am a huge critic and I love your art work! I would love for you to do some for me, but money is tight. I completely agree with simplicity and love the natural beauty you capture.

  246. Lori says:

    Your talent is humbling!

  247. engagekids says:

    These are amazing! You are very talented.

  248. JodyO says:

    Beautiful work! Thanks to you I also discovered You have a very nice gallery and profile there.

  249. cheri says:

    Your work is absolutely beautiful. You do an amazing job of blending grit and grace. I look forward to seeing more!

  250. carmenaidacreates says:

    Everything everyone wrote above, then some. Your talent is beyond words. I love them all… the diner stools are great. I have two in my own kitchen.

  251. Kasey Rawlings says:

    These are all beautiful… I can’t pick a favorite.

  252. maggie0019 says:

    Beautiful, well thought out pieces and wonderfully rendered.

  253. You have a distinctive style. I like it. Man is my favourite, for what it’s worth. Seems full of hope somehow.

  254. atridim says:

    Work of excellence!

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    Love the art!

  256. Robyn Lee says:

    Unique – wonderful gift ~ gorgeous art!

  257. Zomb Knotts says:

    It helped me find some motivational inspiration created by your lovely fingers. Im glad i found this talent. ITs beautiful, and as a fellow artist i need it:)

  258. vanz97shyne says:

    I wish i also have your talent 😦

  259. Linda G. White says:

    Love your work.

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    You really are gifted. Keep it up

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    These are brilliant! You have pure talent and I hope you’ll always be creating.

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    Hi Ray, I like your art. I haven’t seen anything like it. I can see all your pictures all have a story to tell.

  264. These are beautifully done. I love how the Lady looks. I never realized how much emotion is conveyed in the statue’s face. She looks rather stern, like her next words will be, “Watch it!”

  265. You are incredibly talented. I can’t even fathom being able to do something like this on my own. I love the themes you paint – musically-related, stunning silhouettes, facial expressions…

    You’ve captured nostalgia for all things I love on canvas and elsewhere and I think you should know that when I see work by others that does just that – I get inspired.

    Great job, man. 🙂

  266. Really nice work, love it!

  267. sr says:

    what you do is incredible.

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    Your work is incredible!

  269. Love the one with the boys smoking.

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  273. Love the trombone…the muscle.

  274. sadirebsch says:

    Wow this stuff looks great. I should try doing some of this one day. I love the kind-of noir look.

  275. cp says:

    Absolutely LOVE tea party…it puts such a different feel on an iconic image from my childhood.

  276. carmenw503 says:

    Hi, you have some splendid pieces here. My favourite is the image with the two girls, one in the foreground whose eyes have a slight smile yet a little sadness, the other behind her- her eyes are watchfu, she seems protective of the first. When you can depict emotions through your subjects you know you have a good thing going… #splendid work

  277. theunistudent says:

    This is beautiful, truly, it is. The spray gives each piece such a different feeling to a painting due to the slight blur of the lines. Amazing, keep up the good work!

  278. starlarosa says:

    I would like a very like button 🙂

  279. amandles says:

    I really like your use of medium, it has a lot of impact, and says a lot about your vision. I also appreciate your manifesto about the quality of the work being the most important – too many times has art theory been used to try to attach meaning to a splotch on a canvas.

    Really fantastic stuff!

  280. Nice works ray 🙂
    can you also try sunsets?….i’d love to see you try on it 🙂

  281. says:

    Amazing!!!!!!! XX Thais

  282. M1ch3ll says:

    Wow your art is truly inspiring.

  283. tar2480 says:

    I love your work! I don’t know if this will make sense, but the simplicity of the compositions you work with create a complexity of emotion in the experience. Thank you for sharing.

  284. Nodz says:

    you work so amazing! 🙂

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    Wow, your images are amazing.

  286. Wow! So glad you are sharing your talent. 🙂 Keep up the great work! Karen

  287. Ilona says:

    These images are very special and unique – I like them very much.

  288. gospelofbarney says:

    There was a time in highschool I was an aspiring artist, and I still appreciate good art, and you my follow are an artist! But my memories of urban life are not good ones, nor of highschool. I am a country boy at heart. and returned to MT my heart’s home

  289. I just can’t get over how amazing all this is!

  290. hermansteinn says:

    Keep up the Great work that you have posted on your site.

  291. mina4family says:

    Pretty amazing! I love pencil drawings and black and white photos… But this takes art to a new level =)

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    Beautiful. Stunning use of positive and negative to contrast. Images are haunting. I enjoy your work.

  293. rebecca2072 says:

    WOW,…that’s the first word that came to mind.

  294. rebecca2072 says:

    The word that first comes to mind when i see your art work is “WOW”

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  296. Fabulous.What talent you have 🙂

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    I am very taken by your image of the
    Fire escape stairs. Beautifully spooky and romantic, A great work

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    Nice paintings, perhaps we can collaborate on something sometime?

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  304. Admin says:

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    Amazing artwork, I just love the feeling they evoke

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  307. Your work is haunting, beautiful and honest. You are very gifted. what inspires you?

  308. mosssonia says:

    I love your style! Could I use some of art work in some of my projects?


  310. katachriston says:

    Talent beyond description. When I see this depth, range of talent I am powerfully reminded that man cannot be just biology, an accident. There’s something more, something reflective of a vastness here, something massive, relevant…

  311. I love your artwork, Jim

  312. fournier0917 says:

    Simply easy to be an ongoing fan of your work. JJ

  313. adunadura says:

    Wow..this is so lyk cool, creative…thumbs up men.

  314. iNotes4You says:

    Thanks for these amazing photos.
    I’m blogging about Apple’s iOS devices and I must say:
    This definitely cannot be done with an iPad or iPhone camera.

  315. Catherine Gilmour says:

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    take my picture. I think I might look good this way…and that is saying a lot since I look like a chimp in pictures. Nice work!

  319. Hon says:

    Wow! Impressive work.

  320. alohaleya says:

    thank you for adding to the beauty of the world!

  321. Feralbulb says:

    We love the mixture of impressions/feelings your work leaves. It’s steeped in reality, yet it’s dreamy (for us anyway). We popped around your blog months ago and it’s soooooooooooooooooooo great to see how much more expansion there is on it and of your work.

  322. assibi says:

    Excellent work!

  323. Marge Gower says:

    Awesome paintings. I’m glad I stopped by.

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    hey … I don’t do FB much but i have had to tweet some of your stuff & contact info – love a good black/white

  326. Timea says:

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  327. Wonderful art. Especially the “Baltimore Man” piece.

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  329. Julia Kovach says:

    You are an incredible talent and I am looking forward to every single image you share. Thank you. xoJulia

  330. Emotions On Canvasa indeed!

  331. Melanee says:

    Your work is amazing! I need one for my home in CO. I will definitely take a look at your Etsy shop.

  332. nyelome says:

    You know, surveying your style I am very curious how you would bring a guitarist’s face to life.

    Really i’m thinking about Steve Vai and his various panorama of faces. Joe Satriani too, but his facial features are much more reserved. Maybe I just say this because i’m a guitarist too, though.

  333. homeflair says:

    Always luvd your work:)

  334. Wishing you positivity

  335. Himani Gupta says:

    Thanks for creating this blog because knowing an artist from close is not always possible…

  336. Great artworks! Saw lots of this kindof stuff in Buenos Aires Argentina but there is not a lot around in Australia where I live, ever been to OZ? Would love to photo document your adventures if you are ever around Sydney ;D
    Yeah… Just impressive and inspiring artworks!

  337. nabeelzafar says:

    Magnificent! Hope you continue doing this kind of art work.

  338. What can I say that has not already been said? Stunning! Such talent! Wow!
    Let me put it this way, this Southernbelle is ‘speechless’. And that is quite an achievement!

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  346. I’ll be in Toronto next month. Where can I see your amazing works in real life?

  347. Laura Lynn says:

    Art I understand. And really, truly love. Thank you.

  348. maristravels says:

    Love your art – I would like to see some of this on my walls.

  349. truthyoga says:

    best wishes with continued inspiration in your own artwork and Journey!

  350. Buddha Datta says:

    Some pretty cool artwork here! Got anything of the Buddha?

  351. shewhowrites says:

    These are stunning. I’m from Houston, and live near an active railroad track. I wish I could see stuff like this on my way to work every day instead of the gang tags.

  352. Amazing!! Very inspiring!

  353. David says:

    Excellent work, as usual! Keep it up. You will be famous one day!

  354. Amazing work. Absolutely stunning. Keep it up.

  355. Argus says:

    I’m always envious of talented people. The best I can do is a few muddy paw prints here and there; your stuff is good. I hope it sells well for you.

  356. Your work is Fantastic!!!!!!

  357. Lolcat Luvr says:

    Hi, what wonderful work, so amazing and it brings so many emotions to me.

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  359. I enjoyed watching your process video. Good luck with your art exhibition in San Diego. 🙂

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    Your work is thoughtful, attractive and captures the spirit of your subject matter. I really look forward to seeing much more of it! Ken Haberman

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    Ray, the blend of image and medium is just fantastic. Love your art! Love it!

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  371. itycharles says:

    people have said it all but am falling in love with your work already. keep it up

  372. These are really beautiful.

  373. rodburns1 says:

    This great work, very impressive. I think I would like to use one of your images in the future for a book cover. I will keep you mind.

  374. Simply beautiful work!

  375. Pretty incredible… The end.

  376. Carl at FSJ says:

    Your statement “I am vehemently opposed to using art as a means to rely on overly-complex theories or ideas to prop up mediocre images. I believe that the quality of the actual work is what is paramount.” reminds me of a quote I have heard but no longer remember who said it; it goes something like this, Perfection is not when you can nothing else it is when you can remove nothing else. Your work is defiantly moving towards that ideal of perfection.

  377. dimincheva says:

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  378. infreegarden says:

    Very beautiful work! B/W are my favorite!

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    Congratulations! Nice images.

  385. Rob says:

    Great work. Some of these look like photos. Amazing that you only use spray paint & stencils. I like your take on art, also: it’s gotta be visually appealing! Forget fingerpaint splotches that “represent man’s deeper search for self actualization” or some such thing.

  386. fournier0917 says:

    This man’s art is something to behold. Though his technique appears constant, each piece flies in opposed directions, giving them a unique personality that pleasingly demands your attention. What a gift to know his work. JJF

  387. dweinberg415 says:

    Great stuff! Anything on the West Coast?

  388. Beautiful Art! Yvonne

  389. Bishop says:


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  391. […] Portfolio / Images. […]

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    Your work is so compelling. It triggers an instant recognition of the human spirit. The threads of complexity, simplicity, friendship, loss, celebration, beauty, confusion are woven together in profound images. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Awesome.

  394. ernqueen says:

    I wish there was a “love” button for your amazing work!

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    I like especially your first drawing of the girl, the buildings and the bridge and that one of the tea party at the end. Good work!

  401. storygal says:

    I like especially the first drawing, the ones of buildings and the bridge and the tea party at the end. Good work!

  402. Brutus says:

    Very nice. Art is supposed to move you, touch you, have an impact… yours does!

  403. catherine.varnas says:

    Your work is beautiful! Moving. You capture so much life with such a limited palette. It truly is amazing!

  404. avrilbetts says:

    you obviously have artistic talent

  405. A wonderful process. Enhancement for any neighborhood.

  406. Siddhartha says:

    Im simply Speechless..!! Spectacular..!! 🙂

  407. I’m impressed! 🙂

  408. Wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  409. Lech Dharma says:

    VERY nice photo art!

  410. Love your stencils 😀 i’ve made some of those but for cards only… it’s a big hit lately in Europe i saw at some news from Euromaxx too

  411. Cathy says:

    Beautiful images. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  412. yonitp says:

    Beautiful art! Great work.

  413. Lucie Winborne says:

    I know I am simply echoing what so many others have said, but I will still add my own…”Beautiful”…to the mix.

  414. Shamira says:

    wow, stunning art! just love how so much is conveyed!

  415. I love your beautiful works of art. “Youth” is one of my favorites. Reminded me of those bygone wonderful and carefree days of my youth.
    I wish you All the Best.
    (from Sri Lanka)

  416. fournier0917 says:

    Pictures in black/white or sepia prints for the photographs you are displaying! What can be more complimentary for these subjects , all of which ooze of drama. I love it! great work…Chapeau! JJ

  417. Rosemarie says:

    You’ve got some great artwork.

  418. Beautiful work! Inspiring, thought provoking…

  419. kruitvat says:

    Very interesting. I will certainly use some of these pictures for the illustration of my publications (and I will refer to your blog).

  420. jkodermann says:

    These are amazing. I love the contrast and all of the different subjects.

  421. pstpierre says:

    Very unique art. You are extremly talented.

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    Wow! That is really nice artwork!

  425. davepiperno says:

    I love the concept. Thank you for taking the time to share some of the strange and beautiful things this world has to offer-Dave

  426. Very talented! You see and capture the essence of people and places so well! Keep up the good work! Much love and light to you and have a blessed day!

  427. Hi! you are very gifted, great art work! 🙂

  428. ericaatje says:

    Love your art!!!

  429. Outstanding and Impressive!!!!

  430. araneus1 says:

    Your stuff is amazing.

  431. I love the lady in the window, it really resonated! beautiful work

  432. An amazing collection of Urban Wall Art. It’s a shame though that sometimes when you do see other amazing pieces of art on the streets that they are mostly graffiti ‘tagged’ over. But anyway great work!

  433. Its like 60’s classic art revived in our time 🙂

  434. HuBuntu says:

    Brilliant work bud, I’ve shared it on my Facebook for what it is worth, though I think my friends won’t be able to afford to fly you in for these amazing skills you possess

  435. And a big WOW to your work. You are amazing. My son is an artist. I have a special place in my heart for artists!

  436. seldombites says:

    Awesome art! You are very talented.

  437. Rich Powell says:

    Nice! You’ve got a lot of patience, my friend!

  438. bronsond says:

    Visually powerful work, Ray. At first, I thought you were over processing photos, but then I read how you create your murals.

  439. sherrimatt says:

    Your work is incredible.

  440. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Compelling work! Not only do they offer pleasure for the eye, but food for thought and provocation of emotion.

  441. D. Raymond-Wryhte says:

    Greetings! I write to nominate you for a Versatile Blogger Award.

  442. I love your NYC pictures!!!

  443. sarfarazar says:

    Really enjoyed your site.. Followed 🙂

  444. Ra§ïkα says:

    Um sorry for being ignorant but are these photographs or have you painted them???!!!
    Whatever they are, they are GREAT!!! WONDERFUL!! AMAZING!!! 😀
    especially love the statue of liberty.!!!

  445. lauraslifejourneylounge says:

    Interesting, creative form of art … Of the pieces displayed here … my favorites are the young girl and the fire escape, I think …. they are all so good, it is hard to choose.

  446. I love all the new additions. You really do great work. I’d love to use another of your picture for my Picture Phiction group again soon. If you’d like to lend me another picture. let me know.

  447. irishroverpei says:

    great site

  448. Ellespeth says:

    I remember tea parties. It was all gonna be so simple 😛 Jack Again…Diner Stools…Lady. Those are some I connected with. Intriguing. I’ll drop by again.

  449. Amazing! So atmospheric….

  450. fournier0917 says:

    Without a doubt your creativity and the power of your work is truly impressive. To say I really enjoyed viewing what you created, does not do you sufficient justice. However I do applaud What I have seen, and I say Bravo! JJF

  451. ShruTroup says:

    Absolutely amazing artwork! Very unique. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.

  452. Lorrin says:

    Beautiful work, Reinaldo!

  453. You do beautiful work and are a very talented, creative artist. The bridge is my favorite, but I like almost everyone the images.

  454. motheroutlaw says:

    OOOOh I love the woman in the Bhurka.

  455. ramasoba says:

    great looking work…loved it

  456. Rad change says:

    You have some beautiful work here!

  457. paulbassler says:

    Wonderful work. I am always amazed by artists such as you who see such emotion and color in the world and are able to express it in such a powerful way. Thank you for bringing such beauty to the universe.

  458. mwitasblog says:

    These are wonderful paintings; you are great, man. Hope one day you can come and do your stuff here in Tanzania.

  459. pieterk515 says:

    Wow these are really amazing! You are able to capture the emotion of each subject so accurately! Very impressive…And I am not easily impressed…haha.

  460. Heartbreaking. Haunting. Human. Huge.
    You are very talented.

  461. Heartbreaking. Haunting. Human. Huge.
    You are very talented.

  462. adaffodil says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! I just find them very refreshing :-)!

  463. Awesome Work!! Really Impressive.. 🙂

  464. mellow1964 says:

    These are so gooood! You do great work.

  465. Great works of art – the effect of black and white is striking.

  466. mikew66 says:

    You are an amazing artist, I am so glad you are sharing with us
    Thank you I will be a regular visitor

  467. wwirtz1 says:

    Great quality, stencils never go out of style.

  468. itsmejhayd says:

    brilliant works! im lovin them! wish i could have one!

  469. My God, this is your work? It’s brilliant – beautifully done.

  470. redtailstory says:

    True craftsmanship 🙂

  471. rohan7things says:

    Wow! Brilliant work 🙂


  472. Love your work, talent I can only dream about!

  473. prettypoetic85 says:

    You are very talented!

  474. good stuff–old school–not enough of that these days.

  475. rachelxsarah says:

    You work in awe inspiring. I will definitely be keeping an eye on what you do.

  476. Wow, this is some amazing work! I love the detail and the realism.

  477. annotating60 says:

    I wanted to tell you how very interesting your style is, photographic B&W but almost a negative (photographic) edge things have to them because you get such a sense of open spaceeven though there is much going on. I am a a big fan of B&W. I even watch any color film at least once with the color off. It is the only true reality. Color photo does little for me, not that I don’t appreciate it. Well, thanks. Be well. >KB

  478. You have a very detailed and extensive portfolio of artwork. I definitely see that each one takes all your time and care to create and I respect the quality, as well as your work ethics.

  479. freesaints says:

    Great stuff man. Would love to highlight some of your work as the image for my blog posts.

  480. Susan Bercu says:

    very energetic and interesting work…

  481. I am truly excited for your opportunity to have your art on NY billboards. That is WONDERFUL!! Good luck and best wishes with your work.

  482. steeniephoto says:

    I LOVE your images – absolutely stunning, and so evocative. I have not read anything yet, just got totally drawn in by your art – will have a closer look later!

  483. Clive says:

    Wow! great work.

  484. Shell- Belle says:

    These are amazing! You’re very talented 🙂

  485. Ayra says:

    Your work is awesome!

  486. kindlethefirewood says:

    Really beautiful work. Very stunning.

  487. theahardy says:

    I used to do stencil bleach-art on t-shirts with this same shadow concept. Love it.

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  553. […] what can I say?), but he creates a wide variety of subject matter, which can be viewed on his blog here, and is called URBAN WALL ART AND MURALS.  I invite you to go over and take a look.  You will be […]

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  577. […] The glare of a sudden spotlight tries, To flatten her features yet, The overwhelming truth of her dark, Innocent eyes cannot be blinded, And shines, unblinking, defiant. Something in that shadow, Between lid and brow holds, Your fascinated gaze and pulls, Reflecting back darkest secrets forgiven. Does she smile? She does if you do. “Go” she seems to say, “All is well”.  But I stay yet, Bathing in her level stare until, Reluctantly turning, always knowing, She is there. This post is inspired by the image by Ray Ferrer and I am very grateful for his permission to use it.  Please go and check out his work at […]

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