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Original is spray paint on 4ft x 3ft wood panel by me.

Sold / Commissioned

Offering Limited / Signed 14″ x 11″ Prints for a limited time only.

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Ferrer - AAFRO


“Pinup” – Spray Paint on Canvas by me.

LIMITED Prints are available here —> PINUP PRINT

Ferrer - PinUp


Spray Paint on 14 x 11 Canvas.
Sold / Commissioned


Ferrer - Stare

Amy Lee – of Evanescence

Spray Paint on Canvas by Me.
Commissioned / Sold

Ferrer - Amy Lee

16 artworks of mine that are now available as limited / numbered / signed prints.

If you didnt want to buy an original, here is a way to have a great piece for a fraction of the cost.

All are signed / numbered / limited and ready to be framed!

Just click on the one(s) you want!   Enjoy!

Young Girl - By Ray Ferrer (Spray Paint on Canvas)      Ferrer - La Femme      Ferrer - Relativity  Ferrer - AHEP

Wine Print      Ferrer - Demure      Ferrer - Madonna Basic  Ferrer - Astronaut

Ferrer - United We Stand      Ferrer - Darth Trooper     Ferrer -  Lucille Ball     Ferrer - Bob Dylan

Ferrer - Oil Rig     Ferrer - Judy Garland    Ferrer - Jesus    Ferrer - Clint Eastwood



“La Femme” – Limited / Numbered / Signed Prints by Me….

After being asked for many months I have broken down and made a limited number of prints that I will sign and number.

Get yours here…—–>   “LA FEMME PRINT”

Ferrer - La Femme


Spray Paint on Canvas by Me
3ft x 3ft
Commissioned / Sold

Ferrer - Wine


Spray Paint on Canvas by Me
20″ x 16″
Signed / One of a Kind / Original

** SOLD **  – You can see more artwork and prints here  —>  Ray’s ETSY Store

Ferrer - Lady


Spray Paint on 24″ x 20 Canvas by Me.

To be on Exhibit at the LuminArte Fine Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas in May


Ferrer - Demure

“La Femme”

Spray Paint on Canvas by Me.
20″ x 16″ Canvas
Signed / Original / One of a Kind

***SOLD***           More Artwork Available here ——->  My ETSY Shop

Ferrer - La Femme

“Madonna – Bold”

Spray Paint on Canvas by Me.
14″ x 11″


Ferrer - Madonna Bold


“Judy Garland”

Spray Paint on 20″ x 16″ Canvas by me

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Ferrer - Judy Garland

“A Vision”
Spray Paint on Canvas by Me.
14″ x 11″ Signed Original

** Watch how I made this in a time lapse video here —-> A VISION TIME LAPSE

***SOLD***  More artwork available here —>  RAY’S SHOP

Ferrer - A Vision

“Lucille Ball”

Spray Paint on Canvas by Me
20″ x 16″
Original / Signed

**SOLD**  See more Artwork Available here —>  Ray’s Shop

Ferrer -  Lucille Ball

“Marilyn Monroe – Keepsake Box”

By: Me (Ray Ferrer) & Rhian Ferrer
Spray Paint & Collage on Wooden box w/ latch

Original / One of a kind item. made with hand cut stencils and antique documents from abandoned health facilities.

Measures 10″ wide x 5″ deep x 4″ tall
Has a latch for a small lock.

**SOLD**   See what else I have here —  Ray’s Shop

Box2 BOX1


Original / Signed ONE OF A KIND  By Me – Ray Ferrer
Spray paint on aged printed sheet music by me.  Framed

Frame Measures 13″h x 10″w
Art Measures 11″h x 8.5″
Frame Color: Black

**SOLD**  See what I have here—>  Ray’s Shop

Ferrer - Dancer

“Nina Simone”

Spray Paint on Canvas / Original – Signed
Ray Ferrer (Me)
14″ x 11″

** SOLD** —  See more work here —> Rays Shop

Ferrer - Nina Simone

“Madonna” – By me, Ray Ferrer
14″ x 11″
Spray Paint on Canvas

***SOLD***  But there is a lot more in my Etsy store here —> RAY’S ETSY

Ferrer - Madonna

“Back to Black” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me.

An Amy Winehouse Tribute

Original / Signed – 14″ x 11″

**SOLD**   – See more available work here —> RAY’S SHOP

Ferrer - Amy Winehouse

“Nina Simone”

Spray Paint on Canvas / Original – Signed
Ray Ferrer (Me)
14″ x 11″

Available for a limited time.  Get it here —> NINA SIMONE

Ferrer - Nina Simone

“A New Dawn”

Measures 30″ h x 24″ w

***SOLD***      – Check out more work in my Etsy Store —->  My Store / Studio

Ferrer - A New Dawn

“Bettie Page” – Spray paint on canvas.  Blue, Black, White & Red spray paints on 20″ x 16″ canvas.

***SOLD***    More Available in my store here —-> ETSY

"Bettie Page" Ray Ferrer - 2013 20" x 16"

“Bettie Page”
Ray Ferrer – 2013
20″ x 16″

“Borderline” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me, is a Tribute to Madonna.  Measures 20″ x 16″ on Canvas.  One of a kind original

***SOLD***        See more in my Etsy shop click here —>>  ETSY SHOP

"Borderline" Ray Ferrer - 2013 20" x 16" Mixed Media on Canvas

Ray Ferrer – 2013
20″ x 16″
Mixed Media on Canvas

This “Driven Woman” piece measures 24″ x 18″ with a thick 1.5 inch profile.

This piece was created by me as a dedication and tribute to the empowerment of women around the world.

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It is a one of a kind original and I will never reproduce this piece.

Here is the link —- >  “THE DRIVEN WOMAN”

"Driven Woman" Ray Ferrer - 2013 24" x 18"

“Driven Woman”
Ray Ferrer – 2013
24″ x 18″

“Heels” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me…  measures 2ft wide x 3ft tall.  This piece is available for a limited time  SOLD. 


"Heels" Ray Ferrer - 2013 Mixed Media on Canvas 2ft Wide x 3ft Tall

Ray Ferrer – 2013
Mixed Media on Canvas
2ft Wide x 3ft Tall

“AFRO-Disiac” is my latest design.  I have it now on a limited number of Canvas Totes and will be putting more on T-Shirts.

*** REMEMBER**  From now until the end of June ANYONE who orders an item from my Etsy store will be entered in a drawing to win an original painting by me valued at $500 or more and I WILL SHIP ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. The winner will be randomly chosen from a number generator.  I hand make these items.

I will contact the winner on July 1st via email. Here is the link…

"AFRO-Disiac" Tote Bag

“AFRO-Disiac” Tote Bag
Ray Ferrer – 2013

I love this piece! It’s simple and sophisticated. Spray Paint and Acrylic

Want something made for you? Want something else you see on this blog? Reach out!


Spray Paint & Acrylic