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  1. Hey Ray, Hope everything’s going well for you and Rhian. I’ve nominated you, for the Versatile Blogger and the Real Neat Blog Awards, because your work more than fits the bill. Well, rest up. It’s great to hear that you now in post-op!

  2. cisforcathy says:

    Hello! I have nominated you and your blog for the Creative Blog Award! For more info, go here:

  3. Thank you for following my blog! 😀 You have awesome stuff here 😉

  4. Fredrik Linde says:

    This is just amazing, completely brilliant. Your work truly inspires me to push the boundaries of graphic design when it comes to my interest in game development, the world simply needs more people like you. I’ve got a friend who loves spray painting, so I will definitely show him your page. Also read about that you’re suffering from a brain tumor, can never imagine the hell you’re going through. It’s not fair, it never is. My thoughts go to you and your relatives, stay strong my hero.

  5. alexandrarumell says:

    Thanks for following my blog! You are an INCREDIBLY gifted artist and I will keep up on this blog.

  6. toks97 says:


    I’m Tokoni, A student and poet . Its nice to meet you. I’d like to invite you to my blog, (not this one i’m using to comment) if you’re interested. Thanks!

  7. loopsofpassion says:

    I am very impressed!
    Good luck with the move!

  8. Kayla Hickman says:

    Thank you for the follow and your work is freaking amazing! Wow, just wow.

  9. gridthusto says:

    What an incredible talent!

  10. maisstrauss says:

    WOW! You are so talented. I visited this page ten minutes ago so I could thank you for following story depot but I go distracted by your beautiful works. Stunning!

  11. marcginsburg says:

    Great! I would like to get to know you better, 2 artists, 2 coasts, 2 mediums–the perfect next indie script.

  12. Hi Ray thanks alot, very impressive work 🙂

  13. Wow, your work is amazing, so unique and raw. Thanks for following little ole me at The Waxing Poetic Project. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  14. henrykulf says:

    Cool site! Keep up the work!

  15. a very creative interpretation of “life on canvas”

  16. Kirsty says:

    I’ve been having a look at your artwork, you’re very talented! Some of your art just speaks to me…thanks again, K

  17. Chats A lot says:

    I checked out your site and am amazed! AWESOME, AWESOME work! I’m now following you!

  18. I like these words you have used in describing your art: “simplicity” and “splendor” – and between those words beauty resides. Keep up with your beautiful work.

  19. matheusyuhlung says:

    God has gifted you with an amazing talent brother; loved your work.

  20. Your work is stunning. Love the Dorothy and Marilyn pieces!

  21. richwebbi says:

    Hi Ray. I’m loving your artwork.

  22. I have gone through your work – this is a unique and interesting idea. I will be coming back to see more.

  23. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your art. You’re very talented, looking forward to seeing more of it!

  24. aroseeden says:

    Wonderful work! You’re smart for following your heart.

  25. Ray, I recently found you on WordPress and was delighted with your work and your vision for art. I am restarting a weekly feature on my blog for writers, poets and artists. I really love your work and would love for other people to hear about you.
    If you are interested in being featured contact me

    Leslie Moon

  26. You are very talented.

  27. Tim Dreese says:

    Great way to direct that emotion . . . Great energy and very creative. Thanks for sharing!

  28. onebarblog says:

    I dig your art and look forward to checking out more of it!

  29. You have some really really nice paintings

  30. Pjotr Bos says:

    Your blog looks epic. Keep up the amazing work!

  31. moosemaine7 says:

    Your images and process are fascinating. I really enjoyed viewing what you have posted here on your blog.

  32. skyevans says:

    You are doing some amazing work with a knife and can. Awesome and so very cool.

  33. lourdeslowe says:

    I love your work!

  34. Your artwork is extremely beautiful!

  35. SPFischer says:

    I am in awe of your creative talent. By the way, I watched and commented on your video on YouTube – fantastic!. You’ve now got a new follower!

  36. robbyfast says:

    I am not an artist by any stretch – barely even a writer! The image of the young girl touch me. I am the mother of 4 daughters. Her look is something I recognize. A mix of emotions that she is almost too young to understand – resignation, determination, stubbornness, and strength. Great piece!

  37. Awesome artwork you got going on.
    And hey, I saw you are living in new york? I have recently been there for the first time. it was pretty nice but different from what I have expected 🙂
    keep up the great work, Mara

  38. Just like all the other above me. Your work is amazing. Keep up the good work *double thumbs up*

  39. Your artwork is amazing! I can’t make a stick figure look good. I’m in awe, seriously.

  40. hugovanessen says:

    I usually use imagery for inspiration to write my stories, and I like your style so I was wondering if I could use some of them on my blog?

  41. choregfirin says:

    I have scanned several of your posts. You do have a unique style and a very unusual technique for your artwork.

  42. abigai11aw says:

    Heya, Awesome work…love the dancer behind the sheet music.

  43. wmalibago says:

    amazing spray canvass you got there!

  44. Ellen Antill says:

    You have an incredible gift . . . really powerful and distinctive work!

  45. Lisa says:

    Your artwork is very amazing. I look forward to seeing more.

  46. […] If you’d like to see more, here’s a link to his website, and if you’re interested in contacting him to make a purchase, or simply to follow him through social media, just click here. […]

  47. mamay liza says:

    Are those all your work?? Woaahhh!!! Amazing!!! Great!!

  48. mmly1797 says:

    Your work is absolutely amazing!
    Such a great use of materials and I love the dramatic contrasts!

  49. cropspiral says:

    I love the vibrancy and truth in your art. Thank you for inspiring me!

  50. Zanna says:

    Loving the art 😀

  51. TJ Petri says:

    Its gettin serious in here people! This is awesome and the real deal right here! Good stuff!

  52. teawithtwosugars says:

    Your artwork is amazing, and you’re fantastic. 🙂

  53. ninamishkin says:

    I’m more of a wordsmith than a visual person, but even I found much to “like” here! I look forward to seeing more of it.

  54. dalyaeason says:

    Beautiful works of art! I’m amazed.

  55. losingit2013blog says:

    Beautiful work, thanks for sharing!

  56. primrose79 says:

    omg Ray, you are quite an Artist!!! i love your work!!! so many things i cannot do, i feel sooooo little next to you!

  57. Sayan says:

    Loved your work. Keep it up….

  58. VERY cool, unique work Ray.

  59. plblack07 says:

    Your work is very nice.

  60. Carol Donaldson says:

    I love your dandelion clock, like many people on here I can’t believe it is spray painted.

  61. quirknjive says:

    I’m always very reluctant to comment on art because I am not an expert, but here goes… I do feel that art is too often over intellectualized to the point where the work is robbed of its purely primal beauty. From the perspective of a former dancer, I once watched a piece where a soloist danced her entire number in a potato sack without music. I understand that there was some message the dancer was trying to impart, but for me it lacked grace, beauty and pure emotion. Your work has depth AND beauty. I love it. Thank you.

  62. antonemgoyak says:

    Reviewed some of your work – you are very creative.

  63. farrelljulie says:

    Your art is so beautiful and poignant. I truly believe that art can touch people in a way that transcends the mind and goes deep in to the heart!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent! 🙂

  64. Vohn says:

    Beautiful images here.

  65. Ray – You are so very talented. I have been following you for a while, but was redirected back here today by another follower of your work. So glad he did. Sent an email to you regarding the sharing of your work. I will not lose you again.

  66. Nora L Pratt says:

    Wonderful to meet you… fabulous site

  67. I really love this work. So beautiful and really thought provoking. Artists, writers…creative people will lead the movement to a better world. 🙂

  68. Luise says:

    really like your site and works!

  69. silver linings shine says:

    i have always enjoyed art. your art is unique, deep and passionate. really appreciate it.

  70. Peggy Penny says:

    Very interesting art form. I like it. The lighting in wonderful, I dig the black and whites.
    I am a singer/songwriter and I am now moving my art medium to “Spoken Word.”
    Nice to meet you.
    Peggy Penny

  71. oldmoaner52 says:

    I love the words “Raw Talent”. It seems to fit people who do not just have a talent, but verge on the genius. You have raw talent. It is unique and were I in a position of wealth I would be buying two or three originals to hang on my wall. It is right up my street. I shall spread the word.

  72. Becca Bear says:

    I have awarded you with The Versatile Blogger Award on my blog 🙂

  73. glaxforio18 says:

    Wow, your works are amazing. You’ve got lovely skill/talent buddy.

  74. thecleverdog says:

    absolutely love them. gonna share quite a few.

  75. papermashed says:

    Absolutely loved your art! I’ve never ever used spray paint to create anything, I’m more an acrylic and medium user. But loved to see such a creative use for spray paint. Hats off! I may have to get some art tips off you some time.

  76. I’m amazed at what you have done with spray painting 🙂

  77. AWESOME ARTWORK! I’m following to keep up! Hopefully we stay in contact.

  78. Oh my gosh your work is brill!

  79. sschoeffield says:

    Your work is absolutely stunning! I’m in awe of such amazing talent.

  80. presspauseff says:

    I’m practically hopeless when it comes to creating art so I really applaud you for your amazing work. 🙂

  81. jbirds830 says:

    Wow incredible work
    Would you be able to design a cover for my upcoming novel ? And what might you charge for something like that ?


  82. Keys2Change says:

    Your purpose with art is refreshing and interesting. I look forward to more great art and inspirations!

  83. buffalotompeabody says:

    My comment for you… Brilliant!

  84. I found many of your images thought provoking. As a teacher I can see many potential stories behind them!

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