Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I am a New York artist now based in San Diego, California, who, through my work, seeks to utilize various harmonies and ideas to visually engage the audience.  I also use my art as an opportunity to experiment with the range of possibilities allowed through my choice of materials, spray paint and hand cut stencils.

My work captures spaces of partial or full illumination between the perfect shadows on all sides of a person or an object.  The artwork conveys the real beauty of the subject.  The viewer is able to appreciate the simplicity, splendor and exquisiteness of my work and the subject.  The work is raw, it’s stripped back, it’s honest.

I am vehemently opposed to using art as a means to rely on overly-complex theories or ideas to prop up mediocre images. I believe that the quality of the actual work is what is paramount.

How It Is Made:

I hand cut the stencils out, no matter how big, with an X-Acto knife.  Yes, even the 8ft x 10ft wall murals are all done with the same attention to detail.  I then use the stencils to create the pieces you see on this site.  Here is a quick video that shows the way I do this.  —>

Contact info:

Ray Ferrer – Artist
  1. Avril says:

    Thank you for following my blog, “From the Gross to the Subtle”. It took me a little while to get over here. I was focusing on using my blog for my students; but, there is so much beauty in the blogosphere. I am glad to know about your work and I am saddened to hear of your health struggles. Thank you for sharing. Stay strong.

  2. Hey, I just wanted to stop by for a follow up because I saw that you follow my blog some time ago. I try to respond to every new person that visits, but sometimes I don’t get a chance to do it right away. I hope you enjoyed what you read and I will see you back!

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  4. curtisbausse says:

    Thank you so much for following my blog – it’s much appreciated. I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery, with a return to your wonderful art as soon as possible.

  5. Ray,
    I read your wife’s post on your current crisis with a brain tumor. I am praying the Lord will carry you through this crisis and that the doctors, with the guiding hand of God will heal you. Stay strong. I will be following your site. You portray your subjects by showing their essence. I love your work.
    And thanks for the follow.

  6. Enjoyed the video–magic.

  7. I am blown away by your art, and the unique way you capture your subjects. I’m following you with interest and excitement!

  8. Thanks for the follow!
    I love your artwork! Its simply amazing!!

  9. Lisa V says:

    You’re very talented.

  10. Shannon says:

    Oh wow! I’m in awe of your work, Ray! Can I share one of your images and this video on the Introvert Collective?

  11. Hubert writes says:

    Quoting you Ray, “I am vehemently opposed to using art as a means to rely on overly-complex theories or ideas to prop up mediocre images. I believe that the quality of the actual work is what is paramount.”

    Wow, I watched the time-lapse video and I can’t imagine how you can do that.

    I have a couple photos on my site which I think are pretty awesome If you ever feel the desire to do one you have my blessing all the way. I don’t copy write my photos and my work is there for the giving in all aspects. My favourites being the deep red sunset which is in several posts , and the rifle in my recent post, “Simple things and simple minds”

    Again I really appreciate your work Ray

  12. Just wanted to say very nice work:)

  13. Thanks for the openness and honesty in your work.

  14. Sheila Kathryn says:

    Amazing artwork! 🙂

  15. Andreea Gutu says:

    Wonderful work! May the new year bring you health, joy, and inspiration!

    Warm regards from Romania,


  16. ONE says:

    You are a Master at what you do. It is all within you. It will be most interesting to see how your work evolves.

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  18. miaclare says:

    Your work is beautiful. I’m in love with all of it. I’ll be keeping a close eye on your upcoming pieces. Very inspirational!

  19. thematthewstanley says:

    Wow man. First, thanks for the follow. Like some of the other folk have stated I probably would’ve never come across your site if you haven’t had visited mine. I’m honored. Second, your artwork, wow, I’m just blown away. Love that Eastwood print, and the “Bats of Austin, TX” is just beautiful.

  20. Doctor Eamer says:

    Awesome! Very talented 🙂 Nice Sir Rey! 🙂

  21. asharbaugh says:

    I appreciate how you go about it, not trying to make your stuff something it’s not about the quality not the hoopla behind it – sweet.

  22. swtwilliams says:

    Wow! Just…..WOW! Watched the video of you and am amazed at what you could do with that xacto knife!

  23. adegrandis says:

    I’m impressed by the fact that you hand cut even very large stencils – that takes some doing, I’ve done some small ones and they are hard work! Love the images you’ve put up. You’ve got a another follower I’m looking forward to seeing what else you post

  24. akeem54 says:

    Ray, i am glad to know you feel priviledge for your following. Warm regards.

  25. Your work is simply amazing.

  26. Hi Ray, Your video demonstration is impressive and you are clearly a skilled artist – I wish you the best in creating and sharing your art!

  27. Amazing work!!! I’m going to have a lot of fun reading your blog. Just at a glance I’ve seen movies, music, and works of horror, and …WOW! Love it! Thanks for the follow 😀

  28. LoveForGrace says:

    …. fascinating ! I’m so honored that you follow my writing, and glad I finally had a moment to check out your incredible art !! blessings to you …. ~lisa

  29. giasuniverse says:

    I think your art is totally sick! So thank you I will be a frequent visitor here.

  30. zeebam says:

    Your art is really spectacular! ..I haven’t really ever seen anything quite like it. I’ll be back! ^_^


  31. madeauxb says:

    Your work is captivating.

  32. colinjkeats says:

    Your artwork is captivating, rich and deep. Your attention to detail pays off every time with lush beauty.

  33. Your work is absolutely stunning, I am impressed…and envious!!! 🙂

  34. Leya says:

    You are very skilled – I watched the time-lapse as well. I’ll be back for more!

  35. Jessica Hal says:

    Hey, I am loving your work!

  36. Michael33 says:

    Thank you for visiting and following the vision of poets blog. I am honored. Most of all, I’d like to thank you for introducing me to your site and your artistic excellence. I doubt that I could find words to describe your site that haven’t already been said, so using my own preference of ways to express myself, I’ll just say your artwork is ‘poetry without words’. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  37. A.PROMPTreply says:

    Wow, I’m so glad you found my blog today (and thank you so much for the follow!) I’m blown away by your work on here! And wow…what a move from one side of the country to the other! I look forward to following your journey and I think perhaps your art would make a great housewarming gift….I’m going to keep you in mind for that!

  38. The heavy use of black and subdued colors in your paintings are very attractive.

  39. Anita says:

    Fantastic work, Ray! You’re right, the simplicity of your art speaks for itself.

  40. Bill says:

    I really enjoyed your work.

  41. merisch says:

    Your work is simply amazing!

  42. Lauren says:

    I love your work and the variety of texture you create in your pieces!

  43. Priyanki says:

    This is absolutely amazing! I couldn’t blink my eyes while watching your small video on you tube.
    This is so unique. Thanks a lot for giving me an opportunity to see your incredible work.

  44. Rudy Owens says:

    Way to go, no art-speak, just art.

  45. Bernadette says:

    Your artwork is amazing, awesome, wonderful!

  46. Rob Tobin says:

    Your work is pretty Amazing- I love the dandelion with the wind driven spores

  47. Joy says:

    really like your art!

  48. Lovely artwork Ray, very skillful and creative, look forward to visiting regularly and seeing more.

  49. Light Leaper says:

    You have amazing work! Keep it up! 🙂 🙂

  50. tommyshaw says:

    you’re work is amazing. Extremely talented.

  51. Your ideology of making this Art pieces is very much unique Ray.
    Keep it up 🙂

  52. Asmithaaa says:

    Oh god…You are such a great Artist, awesome man!!!

  53. I love the energy that springs from your work! You have inspired me to try something with stencils.

  54. jadedgrace says:

    nice art work its really sweet and unique

  55. Your work is remarkable. Truly unique. I look forward to seeing more of it in the future.

  56. Your artwork is beautiful, and it’s clear that you definitely have a passion for it.

  57. jordyncohen0 says:

    Beautiful work. Lots of respect for you 🙂

  58. Drew says:

    Hey great work brother! I’d love to have you at one of my future shows/events one day here in NYC to display or sell your work. I’ll keep in touch!

  59. pattimoed says:

    Fascinating process. I love the interplay of light and shadow in your work.

  60. Your art work is very intriguing. Thank you.

  61. Your artwork is very intriguing. Thank you.

  62. So nice to meet you. I don’t do as much art as I would like (these days) but I was trained in the old school before computers so my hand, eye and media do the work

  63. Ann Chapin says:

    Amen to your statement about how the art has to stand on its own merit and not be propped up by philosophical slight of hand. I like the impact your art has – very direct. – Ann

  64. Your work is amazing and beautiful. Looking forward to your future work too!

  65. Fascinating artwork!

  66. imeau says:

    Wow…you are very talented and produced amazing work. Come to think of it…I haven’t been producing artwork with with raw materials for a long time. Often, I complete everything using computer. Do keep up and be great inspiration to others. 🙂

  67. sonofabbasblog says:

    awesome visuals

  68. silverliningsanddustbunnies says:

    I looked at some of your work, and like it very much! I love that you are “self taught” – that keeps your art fresh and vibrant, and when you express your emotions they come through without preconceived ideas of what should and shouldn’t be! Thanks for letting me in to a small corner of your world today!

  69. judyjourneys says:

    Our common denominator is honesty in our art forms. I am glad to find it in yours. Also, I am anxious to pass along your technique to my grandchildren, who are budding artists.

  70. thinkmartialarts says:

    I have stalked your Facebook page and here too so I just want to say you are one seriously amazing artist. And… got your shit together too 🙂 How to finish…..I’d say best of luck, but you don’t need any. Kiley.

  71. KoPinoLove♥ says:

    Please keep on enlightening us. Art is cool!★★★

  72. jetgirlcos says:

    I like your work very much! The video was super cool. I love to watch the process of an artist.

  73. I really like your work, your artistry is unique and has a really cool vibe to it! 😀

  74. symonae says:

    I read your bio and watched your Quick Work Stencil and Spray Paint on YouTube. I am impressed. Your work is splendid!

  75. Yes your work is AWESOME! I never considered this art medium but after watching you I certainly would like to try.

  76. rachelmich17 says:

    Hi! Your work is cool.

  77. jsspec says:

    enjoying ur art!

  78. I love the statement on the front of your page, “Emotion On Canvas.” Looking through your work I saw exactly that. Congrats on SXSW! I hope it was a great experience.

  79. kareneller7 says:

    You are an amazing artist! I am by no means an artist, but I do a lot of arts & crafts, so I really appreciate your gift and talent. Wow! Loved watching the time-lapse video.

  80. Have you painted anything in the DC area? Your work is technically perfect and just beautifully amazing! Are you self-taught? I’m just super impressed–I’m so glad you visited my blog so I could find yours.

  81. tildanamu says:

    Great work, I’d love to see it some walls in my urban area. If you ever make another Cyndi Lauper work let me know, give me first options.

  82. W.D. says:

    I find your technique and your end product to be captivating and sincere. I wish you continued success and a waterfall of ideas for the future.

  83. gnatsak says:

    Your work is raw and compelling, and I’ll keep watching to see where you take it. Natalie-

  84. I really love your work!

  85. Your images are fantastic.

  86. You are really talented!

  87. Drew Llew says:

    Your artwork is amazing.

  88. Sarah says:

    My God! You’re amazingly talented, so happy to have came across your blog.
    Regards, Sarah. 🙂

  89. Thanks for visiting our blog. Your work is fascinating. I like how you speak of a focus on “the illumination of shadows” in your subjects. As a theologian and spiritual person, these words have a deep resonance for me–investigating the shadows in our lives helps us to more deeply appreciate the light. I especially like the “Journey Home” piece that you recently featured. Thanks!

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  91. I can’t ice skate. Olympic skaters make me believe I can. Watching them I feel as if I could glide flawlessly across the ice. I watched your youtube video. You’re like an ice skater. Your work, though seemingly simple, cannot be duplicated. Your pieces are quite spectacular and honestly presented. Thank you sharing your techniques and your talents.

  92. ladylinchpin says:

    Your talent is inspiring. That MBA won’t miss ya. 🙂

  93. Letsi72 says:

    I have nominated you for the Brave Heart Award. If you would like to accept it, please go to for details.

    Stand Strong You Are Not Alone

    I call you a survivor, because that is what you are. There are days when you don’t feel like a survivor and there are days when the memories trigger your past and it feels like you are loosing the fight – but you are not. Take the past and heal with it. You are strong. I want you to know that the abuse was not your fault. It does not matter what age it happened. You did not deserve it, you did not cause it, and you did not bring it on yourself. You own no shame, guilt, or remorse. In your life, you have faced many demons but look around you and you will see there is hope, and there is beauty. You are beautiful, You are loved, there is hope. You deserve to be loved and treated with respect. You deserve peace and joy in your life. Don’t settle for anything less than that. God has plans for you. Your future does not have to be dictated by your past.

    Each step you take you are not alone.

    Stand Strong.

    The Redheaded Wonderblog

  94. arkansasrose says:

    I love your art. 🙂

  95. tinymarie says:

    What inspires you? From my heart to your mind.

  96. Jenny Hogben says:

    Thank you for sharing your art work and technique

  97. embracethecontradictions says:

    I like your work!

  98. composed says:

    Very talented–great eye!

  99. Your work is effing rad, I dig it to death!

  100. Arl's World says:

    Love your artwork! Love the I Love Lucy!! 🙂

  101. memo5209 says:

    Thank you for your Artistic Statement. Art can’t simply be art anymore? Well, I’m glad you disentangled your brain from complex Art theory and aimed to work with the tools of whichever trade you choose to do, by maintenance of flavor and balance.

  102. Jenn Balagot says:

    Your work is amazing. 🙂

  103. Alma Thadeau says:

    Love your work! Would fit soooo perfectly in Wynwood Art District, Miami.

  104. Marie says:

    Hey there – You have some amazing art; super talented!

  105. wendykarasin says:

    Your work is striking yet familiar (like photography). I like the people and places (Cyclone) you choose to portray. How did you get started with it?

  106. Carolline says:

    Your work is brilliant.
    I’m inspired – thank you!

  107. Letty says:

    I love your style, you have some great pieces here! x

  108. Joshua says:

    An artist and a philosopher… very nice.

  109. tpdanen says:

    Your art piece on the Depression is nice. My parents grew up during that time-it was not easy.

  110. wendysmullin says:

    I love your work. It is an incredible use of a gift you have been given. Creating is the desire we all have. In your creations you put your heart and soul, it is very obvious by the quality and beauty. Best wishes always from someone who admires because their gifts lie in different places 🙂

  111. wzachmorris says:

    the next banksy! love to see the passion in your work

  112. I love your blog….actually no, I love your talent. You are gifted and your work speaks to my soul. Maybe one day you will do a painting of me..otherwise good work Ray

  113. joelrgluck says:

    Ray – you have some amazing work.

  114. Your work is amazing!!

    Naomi 🙂

  115. alcirose says:

    You made my night 🙂

  116. Ray, your art is really good! I come from a family of artists (one part-time, one full-time, and one occasional, if that makes any sense) with very diverging ideas about art, and we often disagree. I happen to feel that creating good art is a gift (i.e. not everyone can do it), and I love your statement: “I am vehemently opposed to using art as a means to rely on overly-complex theories or ideas to prop up mediocre images. I believe that the quality of the actual work is what is paramount.”

  117. afsheenanjum says:

    Your work is fantastic, I really loved it.
    May Allah bless you and give you more success.

  118. Lauren Jarman says:

    I have been scrolling through some of your work and it is really amazing! Keep it coming in 2014.

  119. Your blog looks very cool indeed!

  120. talk2sahil says:

    You are a brilliant artist. Keep up the good work 😊

  121. You are extraordinarily gifted. Love your work and will take a closer look when time allows.

  122. kenthamaker says:

    Love what you’re doing! Have you ever tried an Eddie Van Halen? That’d be cool. Peace…

  123. realityinalphabets says:


  124. kathyclem says:

    Ray, I like your work and enjoyed seeing your process through the YouTube Video. Looking forward to seeing more. Great to meet you! Kathy

  125. gapark says:

    I just watched the youtube video. You are a very patient person! How ever did you decide on this method?? Awesome!

  126. ameliaroseb says:

    Your work is great!

  127. Your work is incredible. I’ve never seen this unique style of painting before and find it fascinating. Your images are beautiful.

  128. Amen to “the quality of the actual work.” All the best, Diane

  129. sparkleandcolor says:

    Your artwork is amazing, and I look forward to keeping up with your blog. Such a unique talent! xoxo, Lauren

  130. momfawn says:

    Your work is beautifully and thoughtfully done.

  131. havimaki says:

    I love your artist statement! Agreed with every word!

  132. Kim & Kelsi says:

    Your art work is just amazing and so detailed. You’re truly talented.

  133. Daniel Scenters says:

    Your art is amazing! I look forward to seeing your future pieces.

  134. We have both fallen in love with your work! Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful art. 🙂

  135. You’re very talented. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

  136. brm7 says:

    you have alot of talent God has given you

  137. aviatior says:

    Your site is refreshing, looking at your stunning work helps me forget about the daily grind, I plan to come back often!

  138. Kimberly says:

    Excited to see what you will do next!

  139. homemadeinhk says:

    you have amazing artwork! truly beautiful.

  140. bellajackets says:

    Wow… You are so gifted and your work is truly amazing. Where on the East coast? I’m in MA.

  141. You have some stunning artwork here, and I appreciate that you made an effort to write a statement explaining your artistic philosophy. Looking forward to seeing more!

  142. Robbi says:

    I do think your artist statement is great and cuts through the overly arty fartyness and intellectual justification that pervades so much Art. Your work is really accessible so allows people to easily interact with it.

  143. laurabennet says:

    Incredible! I love your work.

  144. wonderful to see your work.

  145. Colleen says:

    Your work is stunning. I’ll drop often. D

  146. ARvWD says:

    Strong images, simply executed. Good stuff!

  147. RyanReyData says:

    very nice work you got here! keep it up.

  148. Kerina says:

    I am intrigued by your creativity…. very unique…

  149. DyingNote says:

    I ‘stumbled’ upon this site through the WordPress Reader and I’m glad I did. You’re doing some lovely work. Wish you the very best. And I’ll keep dropping in.

  150. wstedeford says:

    ‘m glad to be able to see the beautiful art you create. And Zip shoes is a neat idea.

  151. Nicolle says:

    Your work is beautiful!

  152. lindagagu says:

    LOVE your work. LOVE your point of view. You have one more fan. Looking forward to following your work.

  153. Granite Jet says:

    “I am vehemently opposed to using art as a means to rely on overly-complex theories or ideas to prop up mediocre images. I believe that the quality of the actual work is what is paramount.” Yes! Now there’s an artist I can completely respect. These images are amazing, especially once you find out that they were skillfully made with stencils and spray paint. Unique AND pleasing to the eye.

  154. Miss Misfit says:

    Wow! So fun and beautiful and a million other adjectives! looking forward to all your adventures… Art is life!

  155. Angel Pricer says:

    Emotion on Canvas…a tag line that captures my heart and the art you create. Simply beautiful!

  156. Pink Saucer says:

    Great site, and the Taj Mahal is beautiful in the demo video!

  157. Dude! Your work is amaze-balls! And I don’t use that term lightly!

    Your talent and attention to detail is epic! When I win the lotto – I want you to paint my entire house in different mural scenes, k? Deal? Deal.

    Seriously. Wow.


  158. Faye G says:

    An award for you!

  159. I’m really impressed. I had no idea that such wonderful pieces could be done with lino cut technique. There were many that I liked but particularly the dandelion. I think you really captured it.

  160. You are incredibly gifted… what a blessing 😉

  161. edi padmono says:

    wow, your art is very beautiful,so I am very happy to read your blog. nice to meet you

  162. I really love your art! So cool!

  163. em990 says:

    You’re work is really great and exciting stuff. Definitely a great outlook and perspective.

  164. hessiafae says:

    Your art is splendid. A great example of something that comes from within and can’t be taught in any conventional sense.

  165. skinnyuz2b says:

    Great art. I am amazed that you only use each stencil once. It would be so tempting to make multiple copies.

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  167. Hope you can post some pictures of the Piano-painting-activity from september (saw it on your upcomming events). I love pianos but have never seen one used as a canvas before. Sounds like a Great idea! Keep capturing the moment!

  168. Niranjan says:

    Your art-work is amazing and purpose stated is pure.

  169. jeanryan1 says:

    I’ve just begun to explore your evocative images–nice work!

  170. roseloveg says:

    Stunning work!

  171. Hi Ray.! I was just blown away seeing your masterpieces. You are truly talented and probably see life way deeper than most of us can hope to. Keep up the great work, and wish you all the very best.!

  172. Marie Taylor says:

    Love you work!

  173. Hey Ray, Cool work! Very interesting and we will definitely be back.

  174. sophiesabina says:

    Some of your work is very powerful and demands attention. I shall look forward to seeing your posts!

  175. suebthefoodie says:

    Love your work. -Cheers

  176. Beautiful, beautiful work.

  177. Mark Capurso says:

    Some really outstanding work here Ray!

  178. Rusha Sams says:

    Love your work — very creative! The subject matter is what I’m drawn to first, but then I look at technique. It all works!

  179. Wonderful work and great blog.

  180. Allie says:

    Your work is really impressive, could spend a lot of time looking at it all and wishing I had it on my walls. 🙂

  181. Erin Granat says:

    Your process is really interesting…I saw a gallery show of this artist yesterday, she does pretty incredible paper cutting, very layered and fragile. You might enjoy.

  182. KevinHo says:

    Your blog is fantastic and love your work – awesome!

  183. KevinHo says:

    Your blog is fantastic and your art work is stunning. Thanks for sharing your talent!

  184. This is an awesome blog you have created !

  185. alslaff says:

    Enjoying your work.

  186. Your idea of connecting shadows and humans through art is very unique and interesting!

  187. Your work is inspiring! I will enjoy following your site!

  188. Johan says:

    Your blog design is absolutely stunning! Definitely fitting for your type of work. Kudos!

  189. silver wolf says:

    You have a very beautiful blog.
    Looking forward to see more of your work 🙂

  190. kerryl29 says:

    I’ve really enjoyed perusing the terrific work you do. Terrific stuff!

  191. Paula Perry says:

    i love your artwork, very soulful. and i love your blog theme. i changed my blog, art of life, to this theme recently. 🙂 did not know it was yours too at the time.

  192. D. P. Lyons says:

    I will definitely have my wife check it out and describe it to me. She is also a lover of fine art. God bless and hats off to you and your craft.

  193. Abbi says:

    I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award because I really enjoy visiting your blog.

  194. mmwelch says:

    You’ve got some gorgeous artwork here. I’ve always admired visual artists – it’s a skill I don’t possess at all. Good luck to you!

  195. Sue says:

    Beautiful artwork – you are very talented!

  196. gwynethjmarshman says:

    Your work looks fab – great stuff 🙂

  197. cb says:

    I was first introduced to your work with your painting of Maggie the Pit Bull. I like your style.

  198. minusthebox says:

    Keep up the great work and have an awesome day.

  199. ginachoward says:

    My art uses words and I have tremendous respect for people who can create using images. I gained an even greater appreciation for your work after watching your video. I’ll enjoy seeing your other pieces take shape.

  200. Kelley Bode says:

    wow. details with the exacto knife was the bane of my existence in my graphic design classes. kudos to you. your work is amazing, and I love the “process” video.

  201. itcansetyoufree says:

    You are so gifted! Very cool!

  202. thewhiteswan says:

    Very cool concept you have going on here.

  203. sellairene says:

    Hi… 🙂 Greetings from Indonesia.
    You are very talented 🙂
    God bless you

  204. cookazido says:

    You do such beautiful work! I am amazed it is spray painted. I especially was touched by the one about praying for Syria.

  205. You are doing it. Keep on. Your art is a gift to folks.

  206. Tricia says:

    Your work is very interesting. Loved the Johnny Cash portrait.

  207. Lauren says:

    Hoping to own a piece one day.

  208. Ben says:

    I really love your style, it’s so simple yet striking. Your Pray for Syria piece is so powerful and thought provoking.

  209. Sue Karski says:

    You have some very interesting images and I am very interested in how light plays on a subject, which is what you portray in your work.

  210. Stunning, unusual, soulful, wonderful artwork!

  211. We love your work and so does Mom. We’re not artists, but we love to talk about things and Mom says that’s an “art”. We don’t know what she means by that.

  212. Tom Gagner Photographer says:

    I love your work. /Tom

  213. PicMil says:

    I love your art!

  214. mentalbarf says:

    your art is great.

  215. pinwika says:

    Beautiful work! Thanks so much for sharing, and best of luck in your endeavours.

  216. Russell says:

    Your work is beautiful!

  217. cmwriter says:

    your artwork is beautiful … I like the drama and intensity of black and white, the way it touches thought and feelings.

  218. I love your work and I’ve been following your blog for some time and receive your Facebook updates. I wish you success as an artist.

  219. You do such amazing and painstaking art.

  220. ninagallo says:

    It has been a pleasure to peruse your powerful, timeless, sensual images – really beautiful stuff. Looking forward to seeing more. Nina

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  227. Scoop Jackson..."News 60" says:

    Very creative process indeed!

  228. Wow! You have really cool artwork and a great eye. If I know of anyone that is interested in this type of work I’ll definitely send them your way.


  229. hathanart says:

    I would really like to say that your work is incredible! Previously, I wouldn’t have thought that it was possible to create such amazing pieces of work with spray paint! Wishing you all the best! (:

  230. dietbeach says:

    I am also a BIG fan of spray paint and stencils in addition to food, looking forward to checking out your artwork.

  231. madamestyx says:

    Love your work, Ray. Great to see the attention to detail. Beautiful.

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    I had to show your blog it to my son who appreciates your style of art! He collects old broken skateboards and paints them which reminds me a little of your work! Will be stopping by to see more!

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  235. I must say, your work is mesmerising.
    My best wishes.

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    You are awesome!

  237. LOVE this: “I am vehemently opposed to using art as a means to rely on overly-complex theories or ideas to prop up mediocre images.” Rock on!

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  242. I am in agreement with your artist’s statement… I think it holds true for all art, not just images… the work stands (or doesn’t) on its own… and no theory can substitute for the power and “rightness” of the art itself.

  243. Hi Ray, LOVE the Nirvana spray paint!

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    Didn’t realize spray paint could be used to this effect. I particularly like Diner Stools and Dance.

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  262. Katie Prescott Beasley says:

    I am enjoying looking through your work, but I have to admit, I am a real idiot when it comes to art. I’m not sure how I wound up so under-educated on the subject! I like the pieces featuring instruments like “Soul” and “Guitar”, but my very favorite is “Youth”. I remember those days–and as I’m typing this, my young daughter is tap dancing in the living room but for some reason she took off most of her clothes for the performance. 🙂

  263. I love the pieces I have seen on your blog so far! Can’t wait to see what you post next.

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    Your art is stunning!

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  288. By the way- to all the Ferrers … your name is icing on the cake! (Who can help but think of Moulin Rouge? ” Who knows … Jose Ferrer could be your granddaddy. 🙂

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  299. Ray Luke says:

    You do great work; look forward to learning more about you and your projects.

  300. cmfrazier says:

    I’ve loved looking around your site! Your work reminds me a bit of Banksy. I was fortunate enough to live in Bristol, England when he “took over” the Bristol Museum. I love how your work picks up the beauty in graphic street art! Look forward to continuing to follow what you are doing. -Margaret

  301. jutta says:

    I admire your dedication, cutting even those large pieces with such attention to detail, wow.

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    Awesome! I feel the same about music! Freedom and expression to veer from the standard is the only way I’ve been able to roll with music for over 50 years… Awesome Work… Thanks…

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  311. wildinvirginia says:

    Love your work AND your philosophy. Love it. Worked in an office in London that British “Grafitti Artist ” (not my words) Banish came along and embellished one day just because I gave him a cigarette. That time’s worth a fortune! He’d love your stuff.

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  320. […] via Art …… And How To Get It | Ray Ferrer – Emotion on Canvas. […]

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    Love all the latest work. Great to see an artist constantly developing their way of seeing and expressing their wolrd.

  323. I mentioned your site (and your art naturally) on my recent post. Over my last year of blogging yours is one of the sites I’ve come to for inspiration. The Liebster ‘award’ I offer is my way of saying thank you for making the web a spiffier place.

  324. Love your art work, stunning…

  325. Sarah Pinho says:

    This is exactly the type of work I would like adorning my own walls one day. I’m in moving transition right now, but do you sell pieces you’ve already done, or only do work on a per-commission basis?

  326. The Nashville Reader says:

    Fantastically compelling pictures. I can’t help but feel this is the kind of thing the world needs to see a lot more of.

  327. Amazing work! You are very talented! I hope one day to see some of your live work!

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    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award as I love your blog!!

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    Your art is fantastic and your heart seems to be the same. It is wonderful that you contribute to your community! I am a former NY’er, and will definetly look you up when I go back for a visit

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    As I stated before you work is fantastic! Take care, Bill

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    Your art is always a treat and inspiring to my writing and my poetry, keep it up! I’ve decided to pass along to you one of my fifteen nominations for Very Inspiring Blogger.

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    Your art is inspiring and amazing, something worth keeping. I love your work. God bless your talent. Take care.

  356. Your work is amazing! One of my daughters is studying art and psychology in college. She wants to be an art therapist. Even though I am not artistic at all, I have certainly learned to appreciate good art when I see it.

  357. I enjoyed looking at your artwork. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  358. Beautiful work here. I’m going to follow your progress! Much luck.

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  361. Come along to Tanner Street (off Tower Bridge Road in Southwark, London) if you are ever in the area. They are trying to get something started in the buildings there 😀

  362. olulove says:

    WoW! You got something great going on here. Keep it up man

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  368. Still Times says:

    I love your artwork. The most amazing thing to me is that you do it with spray can’s (I know stencil too). The last time I had a spray can in my hand was when I was 16, rebellious, & in a destructive mode. I would join the boys to spray paint Homies or pachucos (spanish slang) on available walls.

    I am now 44 and admire art from the audience instead. Thank you for sharing your artwork with us.

    I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

  369. great talent with your artwork!

  370. Robert says:

    I truly look forward to experiencing your site.

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    Hi Ray! I nominated you to the one lovely blog award + the very inspiring blogger award because your work is so inspiring and cool STAY AWSOME! 😀

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    Thank you for adding beauty to this old world. For seeing it and capturing what you can of it. Be blessed! ~Warm Regards, Dan

  373. peeledonion says:

    Your work is very exciting and I look forward to discovering more of your gifts!
    Nice meeting you,

  374. lifeyourwaycoaching says:

    Your art is nothing short of amazing and you clearly have found and are living your passion! I’m always happy to see folks take the risky road of entrepreneurship and follow their bliss! The rewards are limitless and oh so gratifying. All the best. . . .

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  381. Woah! You have some awesome works here man! Amazing 🙂

  382. shruti says:

    great work!! its interesting to see you do stencil work ; exactly what I do, only you specialize on faces and emotions. Great detailing and especially the eyes which are the soul of a portrait. I admire your talent…first cutting a stencil of a portrait and then spray painting and then coming up with such great expressions in your art.

  383. Pat Kammer says:

    Your ability to bring a flat surface to life makes your artistry a force to be reckoned with.
    \No wonder you play a significant role in the art world. You are co creating with God.

  384. dennis hernz says:

    I like the way you capture candid moments in your art. Definitely nice art pieces here.

  385. That’s rad about being able to showcase some works in Times Square…now if your art could take the place of just about every advertisement there…

  386. urbanfoodlover says:

    Your work is awesome. Glad I cam across your blog

  387. Your artwork is amazing and so inspiring!! Keep it up! 🙂

  388. Have to say that your art is amazing! You are so talented and dedicated to detail. I especially find the photos of the children drawing me in – very cool.

  389. bloganoceros says:

    Your stuff is really groovy. Take it easy

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    Love your work, it’s truly stunning 🙂
    Love, Anna

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    Nice,I appreciate your work.

  392. pishnguyen says:

    Wow!! Your artwork is beyond incredible. I have only browsed through a couple of your entries so far, but each image is such a treat. Jaw-dropping, powerful, and infused with emotion and delicate detail all at the same time. It blows my mind, particularly when I remind myself that you are often working on a large scale. Thank you so much for creating these amazing works of art — and for sharing them, too!

  393. DB0814 says:

    Enjoy your work man. Would love to get your thoughts!

  394. Good Luck on your Artistic Career. I hope you find much success-the art world can be very hard and competitive. I wish i knew the secret to successfully selling my paintings, but sending you good and peaceful vibes. Hope you have a good following.

  395. Hi, you’ve got an award, congrats!!

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    Your work is absolutely fantastic. Love it.

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    What beautiful and unique art you have. I love it.

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  399. Nin Ashmore says:


  400. Karen Lohof says:

    I especially am drawn to your young girl. Everything she could ever want emphasized and highlighted about her portrait is. It makes me yearn to have been so fortunate to have been captured so in earlier days. Best wishes to you!

  401. colourmyday says:

    You’re work is beautiful and I hope one day to contact you about designing a piece for me 🙂

  402. Your work is absolutely amazing. I have shown everyone I possibly can. I’d love to buy a piece from you one day 🙂

  403. jenyjohn says:

    you have a great blog here..I also draw, but not very great, but I do love drawing….u`r work is really great…

  404. I enjoyed reading all about your art projects!

  405. jaimeguerard says:

    Hi Ray, I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  412. Awsome work Ray! Love it!

  413. amphomma says:

    I am enjoying looking through your artwork–it is amazing! I don’t know that I’m in the market for any artwork at this time, but we do have some empty walls…keep creating; you have a gift!

  414. La Maison by Karine says:

    Really cool, Ray!

  415. I am really enjoying the new images !! They are awesome!!

  416. I must say, your artwork is amazing! I’m definitely keeping an eye out for more of your work. 🙂

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    Keep up being an artist.

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    You have a great style.

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    Absolutely love your work it’s inspired me to do something about mine. Keep up the good work x

  426. kanzensakura says:

    Wonderful work… the black and white – showing so much in black and white is true artistry. Good luck and keep up the amazing work 🙂

  427. What an amazing and unique point of view. Loving it!

  428. fournier0917 says:

    Wonderful adventure…good luck! JJF

  429. David says:

    Hi Ray, I absolutely LOVE the work I see here on your blog. You have a tremendous talent, and I wish you all the best. You can count me in as a frequent visitor 🙂

  430. artzent says:

    I very much like

  431. Great to see the kind of work you do and I’m a new follower and fan here, on Facebook and on Twitter.

  432. Hey Ray, just wanted to say that I like your work!

  433. Hi Ray! I will be emailing in the future about a project I am doing next year. In the meantime, I will be checking out both your blog and your store. I really like your work.

    Have a great week!

  434. MDL says:

    We were created to be creative. I get the feeling you thrive on making art integral to life too.
    All the best.

  435. GalonTrip says:

    i saw some of your art works, great job! carry on….

  436. Pagadan says:

    I admire anyone who does custom work ’cause it can be frustrating –trying to create what people are seeing in their minds; and sometimes they’re not sure…

  437. kimmy036 says:

    Hey I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”.

  438. Cynthia says:

    This is just to let you know that I have nominated you for the beautiful blogger award.

  439. emaillikeunderwear says:

    your piece with the woman in the red background, i am sorry but i do not remember the name of the piece. i like it a lot tho. it reminds me for some reason of sophie scholl and the white rose.

  440. dmarshall58 says:

    Phenomenal… I don’t even understand how you see the stuff you do. You have vision.

  441. Kate says:

    Your artwork is stunning. I can’t wait to read more of your posts.

  442. NC Pendergast says:

    Great work! That’s really impressive.

  443. scriptrod says:

    I wish my hand and eye coordination were better – but maybe that;s not the right attitude. I should just jump in and see what it is!

  444. rolerrol says:

    Hi Ray. You have an amazing blog. Your artwork is out of this world.

  445. Jerrye35 says:

    Nice site! Beautiful Artwork.

  446. I LOVE this blog…and I LOVE your work. Expect an email soon–my walls NEED you!!

  447. paintpot55 says:

    “Two Girls”- brought tears to my eyes- Thank You

  448. jericoj says:

    Hello! I’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award. It’s always nice to tell people you appreciate them!

  449. Jennifer says:

    Cheers to you.

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    Good stuff here at your site

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    Great stuff here.

  452. Wellie says:

    You are very talented. All the best!

  453. You are very talented!

  454. God has truly made so many ways for us to be creative!

  455. Scott says:

    You do amazing work! I enjoyed your recent pieces. God bless!

  456. Bosatsu says:

    The work you do is inspiring! Keep it up 🙂

  457. sheehantiffany says:

    Hey what’s your nationality? your country should be proud of you…! 🙂

  458. isabellart says:

    very very cool !

  459. Your work is fantastic! I really liked the Smoking Lady piece. It’s sexy. Haha!

  460. You have some really great work.

  461. I like what you have done with this site!

  462. Shantaya says:

    Some unique and cool stuff here

  463. amandarooker says:

    Love this concept – and that your energy spills out into serving others with your art too. Very inspiring!

  464. vsvevg says:

    cool art cool concept

  465. You have a great site here—looking forward to following!

  466. Jerrye35 says:

    Enjoyed your art!

  467. knittedfog says:

    I’m interested in your take on things, adopt the motto – NO BARE WALLS!

  468. arvwd says:

    Hi, Reinaldo. Just emailed you another street art snap. Taken in Rio. Enjoy!

  469. Some just beautiful pieces here. Thanks for the chance to view them.

  470. stephglaser says:

    Your art is very exciting — I love the Freedom Riders piece! I teach a Civil Rights unit in my American Literature class and this is such an amazing and touching image.

  471. ericaawall says:

    your stuff is very impressive! keep it up:)

  472. Natalie Gerber says:

    Hey… still liken’ what you do!

  473. Gabriella says:

    Your art is beautiful.. I love it.

  474. poeticlullaby says:

    Your art is absolutely gorgeous, I love it. (: Hope I will be able to to sketches like yours one day.

  475. minnie says:

    Your art is absolutely amazing and extremely inspirational. I love your Freedom Bus pieces.

    I’m a volunteer at a charity for young people called Focus and a member of the Youth Action Team which is part of the charity. We often run a variety of community projects helping the elderly, other charities and other projects.

    Recently we did a ‘Cardboard City’ project where we campaigned for awareness of the issue of homelessness in which we slept rough in cardboard for the night. It’d be amazing to get in touch and use your art for when we get funding to do another similar project.

  476. People like yourself that can capture so much more than an image amaze me. You have a great talent

  477. Andy Madonio says:

    Your art is excellent – I wandered thru your site and I am impressed by your desire to create beauty in your own way.

  478. […] passion, innovation and creativity through his uncanny ability to create specialized pieces. About the process: my artwork is inspired by wanting to see things I absolutely love in a different light. The […]

  479. You’re such a talented artist! Great work you have here

  480. What talent! Your images have a haunting quality. Beautiful.

  481. Haunting. Your art invites me to look but don’t touch. It has a star quality detachment. Edgy and fabulous!

  482. Kim says:

    Hi Ray………you’re art work is unique, captivating and obviously birthed from great talent

  483. Caasi Tica says:

    COOL SITE you have here!

  484. your photos are totally awesome! You’re talented!

  485. Lani says:

    Love your site! 😀

  486. wonderful wonderful!

  487. Mona says:

    A unique talent you have Ray. Your eye for detail is intriguing.

  488. msayers says:

    Fascinating work here. Following!

  489. Love your work the detail and the expression~
    shine on~

  490. Tom Gething says:

    Really great work.

  491. aromancer says:

    We are kindred spirits!

  492. Katblogger says:

    Your art is beautiful.

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    Your work is amazing.

  494. Your work is incredible.

  495. gargupie says:

    THe stencil creations are so ethereal and surreal. Love them!

  496. Great work! Staircase, Coney Island…love that kind of visual energy. Even your site fits your style.

  497. Sandi Tuttle says:

    Love your stuff!

  498. quoteawiz says:

    Hi.. nice blog stuff 🙂

  499. Your pictures look great!

  500. Youw art is inspiring!

  501. hotguy1 says:

    Love your work. Very human and real. Thanks for your talent.

  502. Pagadan says:

    Wow! You’ve accomplished a lot!! I know that because my sister stencils–little ones–though sometimes with multiple layers–that are already cut out. (I’ve sent her a link so she can be impressed too.)

  503. your art is awesome!

  504. Hi Ray. Great work here!

  505. shovonc says:

    I can’t figure out from the blog, but have you ever done a graphic novel? With the right story, you could rock!

  506. tchistorygal says:

    Interesting! Do you do children’s books?

  507. Dave says:

    Really like your artwork. Very cool stuff.

  508. pattisj says:

    Your work is incredible!

  509. Your work is amazing!

  510. Leo says:

    Great work, keep it going.

  511. The Sanguine says:

    Wow. You have a very cool blog and cool talent!
    Keep it up! =)

  512. Your blog is very creative and I hope you have a positive effect on all those who read it. Keep up the good work you’re doing here.

  513. joiez says:

    Your art is amazing! Namaste, Joie

  514. Your art is fantastic!! I love stenciling 🙂

  515. togetherone says:

    What you are doing is way cool. Bring on the creative fire!

  516. I’ll be following your great work. Keep on keeping on.

  517. R. E. Hunter says:

    I love your art work, very nice.

  518. isincera says:

    great art you have here.cheers

  519. Z.N. Linton says:

    Ray! I seriously love the aesthetic of your work. Simply amazing what you’re able to do. Very gritty. Noir. I’ll be back!

  520. amb says:

    Your work is fantastic.

  521. ms1802 says:

    Your work’s pretty wicked(: Keep it up and I’ll be watching to see what you come up with!

  522. All the best to you! 🙂

  523. Daniela says:

    Art you displayed here is truly breathtaking.

  524. Mama Sel says:

    Wow! I praise God for you, your gift, and your big heart! You have amazing works! How can people say there’s no God when God is evident in your awe-inspiring art? I hope to be one of your subjects some time. Or my kids maybe. My husband and I have no blown up picture from our wedding day yet and you might just be the man God wants us to wait for. But we don’t know if we can afford you. 🙂 But who knows? With God, all things are possible. May God continue to bless you as you touch the lives of others with your awesome art! 🙂

  525. Marilyn says:

    Your work is quite remarkable! What a gift you have.

  526. suteko says:

    I love the images you have posted here. They are inspirational!

  527. I love your artwork, just followed!

  528. Your work looks amazing!

  529. I still can’t believe how you make this stuff. I am definitely going to share it. That’s the least I can do!!

  530. reretro says:

    your work is fantastic…and beautifully executed.

  531. Your work is so well done

  532. Deb Christie says:

    I love your way of seeing. If you are interested I can send you photos from sites I have worked on and backstage. One of my favorite things is to stand on the Mid rail backstage and look across the flies before a show opens. I would love to see how you see it!

  533. jjhiii24 says:

    There is a wonderful feeling of connection that I feel to your artwork. It draws me in and invites contemplation of the subject. This is a unique talent you have and you apply it in a most pleasing and creative way.

  534. Kelly says:

    I am LOVING my visit

  535. I think your art is great – what talent!

  536. Wow, awesome! I will be sure to keep you in mind!

  537. rj says:

    I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award

  538. Meredith Barnes says:

    Your creations are amazing!!!

  539. Susan Michaels says:

    Great to know about your work. Luv art. Will follow.

  540. I’m glad I found your site. Since I’m a person who can barely draw a straight line, I’m always fascinated by artists. Very interesting and thought provoking stuff you have here!

  541. Really love your work Ray 😀 Thanks for dropping by today.

  542. Nicole says:

    wow you’ve got some great wall art!

  543. Love your blog and it is easy to see your passion for your work!

  544. This is a great blog and it is easy to see your passion for the work you do! Keep it up!

  545. mummymishy says:

    You are uber-talented. Love your blog – another great one I’ll now be following!

  546. dhdefazio says:

    Hey there!
    Beautiful stuff….

  547. Cynthia says:

    You’re one great artist as shown in your artworks.

  548. archwanders says:

    You have a neat collection!

  549. kposh says:

    Your art work has a lot of depth.. i feel like I’m in a different place.. amazing! I’m a new fan

  550. doodlinggal says:

    They’re fantastic!

  551. bzsq says:

    Your work is so immaculately detailed! very impressive, keep it up!

  552. drawing4change says:

    Nice work, the style is quite unique. Keep it up, they look great!

  553. NuveaSantosCobb says:

    Your blog is so fun to look through.

  554. aimsphotos says:

    Liking the feel of your artwork and am totally following your blog now! 😀 All the best, Aims

  555. whimsyink says:

    Really great work, I really enjoyed looking through you blog 😀

  556. itsb24mark says:

    Perhaps there is scope to combine the Venice theme with your clearly well practiced skills in custom artwork. Hummmm. Best wishes for further good work…

  557. alslaff says:

    Your B&W world reminds me of when I lived in NYC on E 11th, many many years ago. You do excellent work.

  558. You have a lot of great stuff! I admire you attention to detail and your dedication to hand cut the stencils. I think it is something I would do if I did stencils – sort of an obsessive attention to detail 🙂

  559. Jepiner says:

    Hi Ray! You are awesome as well as your works! Keep it up! You rock! 🙂

  560. div28 says:

    your stuffs awesome

  561. I like the design and layout of your site very much. It is now 2:51 am so I will look closer in a few hours, hopefully after a few hours sleep. all the best to you. Beth

  562. timleeseye says:

    Love what you’re doing. Love strong graphics. I will follow your blog. Thanks.

  563. RoosterTree says:

    Hey Ray – Goddamn, you’re talented!

  564. mz jenny lee says:

    I really enjoyed visiting your site and checking out your work. I’ve always loved monochromatic work (I like to draw with charcoal), and your work is really beautiful!

  565. pstpierre says:

    Creating art and murals sounds fascinating.

  566. randomramsey says:

    This is incredible. I love yoour work!

  567. Virginia says:

    Wow! Your work is amazing!!!

  568. My daughter is going to school for art and I love to see all forms, yours are very unique.

  569. Spickity says:

    I was just checking out your stuff…it’s really cool!

  570. Newman's Corner says:

    Love your work!

  571. hellomynameisamina says:

    love your artwork!

  572. Debbie says:

    I love your creative eye and the way you express what you see.

  573. grumpytyke says:

    Fascinated by what you do and will be following.

  574. KP says:

    thank you for stopping by..! fantastic work.. look forward to more updates =)

  575. shrey2012 says:

    thanks for stopping by blog….and you sir , you are a real talent …your blog is amazing..:D

  576. Okiri C says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I am sure we can work together. Poetry and And painting go along well. (I write poetry too) cheers!

  577. sarahjaneprosetry says:

    Your work is incredible. You are so very talented.

  578. gertberkhout says:

    I like your art. I’m glad I found it. I am also a musician playing guitar, composing and performing songs. I like the painting and drawing arts as well, and your too. Good Luck! Gert Berkhout

  579. lindastudley says:

    WOW! Your are outrageously talented! I love your work. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog – so I got a chance to see your work!

  580. Great stuff here! Thanks for visiting thefirstgates

  581. Lalith Nag says:

    Hey Kickass stuff, I like your artwork!

  582. Thanks for checking out my blog and liking it. Your work is engaging. My daughter is an aspiring artist and would appreciate your craft. I will be passing this on to her. Best of luck.

  583. Robyn says:

    Thanks for visitng my blog! It looks like you are very talented! Awesome work!

  584. rosemcom says:

    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for liking my post “Have you ever eaten a duck egg? Part 2” in my “Delightful Local Repast” blog…your artwork and perspective are very interesting…I like it! Cheers, Rose

  585. Jourdie Ross says:

    Thanks for checking out purelysubjective! Your work is awesome– I’m glad you found me, so I could find you, hehe.

  586. Awesome stuff! Glad I dropped in 🙂

  587. Sarah Jordan says:

    Great tips…thanks for checking out my blog.

  588. John says:

    Thanks for stoppin’ by my site today. 🙂

  589. r rebeck says:

    Thank you for visiting my site, otherwise I wouldn’t have discovered yours. How very different and off the wall, way cool!

  590. Thank you for liking my post on Lake Trasimeno at Seeing and Savoring Italy. Enjoyed visiting your unique site!

  591. themofman says:

    That’s what I’m talking about!

    • urbanwallart says:

      I love creating something special for people. I love doing what I do but it is a great thing to stop what I am doing and create something unique and one-of-a-kind for someone!

  592. imhenry says:

    ooooooooooooooo AWESOME WORK! I’m glad you came by my blog, or else I wouldn’t have found yours. Great find, awesome work.

  593. Natalie Gerber says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog… love your work! Nat

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