“Borderline” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me….

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Art Work
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“Borderline” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me, is a Tribute to Madonna.  Measures 20″ x 16″ on Canvas.  One of a kind original

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"Borderline" Ray Ferrer - 2013 20" x 16" Mixed Media on Canvas

Ray Ferrer – 2013
20″ x 16″
Mixed Media on Canvas

  1. Wow .. This is amazing

  2. ladyswan1221 says:

    Your painting is so beautiful my son really loves it don’t never let no one tell you, you don’t know how to Paint.

  3. Your art is phenomenal! New fan of your work

  4. fairwyd says:

    Fantastic! I LOVE this!! 🙂

  5. Jen Davis says:

    I love this! Really amazing work!

  6. choppy123 says:

    I have looked at it a couple of times, once she looked like Marilyn, the second Madonna, either way. it is great 🙂

  7. She definitely had a Marilyn quality about her which you have captured.

  8. tinkadele says:

    If I had the spare cash, I would have this in my life. Too good!!

  9. As always…beautiful and amazing. What talent.

  10. Janine says:

    This is so beautiful of Madonna! Of course, she is already so beautiful to begin with – a good choice in subject matter. Her music has been in my life since the early 80s and she continues to amaze me. Thank you for making beautiful art.

  11. This reminds me of back when I was super obsessed with Madonna, haha.

  12. Ah! Those were the days!

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