I love this piece! It’s simple and sophisticated. Spray Paint and Acrylic

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Spray Paint & Acrylic

  1. godtisx says:

    Very talented…

  2. mjtannian says:

    Hey there, I’m finally putting one of your spray paints in my blog. This one! Its vibe matches the vibe of my story. Just wanted to let you know. You’ve been credited ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I like this piece. If I had money I’d buy this one. ^^

  4. […] New Stencil Piece… Smoking Lady. […]

  5. pranjali14 says:

    Remarkable piece …. loved it

  6. noahbody123 says:


  7. pixilated2 says:

    Your most popular piece? As an ex-smoker I find it strangely provocative and well done.

  8. stillight says:

    Beautiful pieces! I love the simplicity and the contrast of your work.

  9. your lady is smokin’ hot. nice work.

  10. That lady of yours–she’s smokin’ hot! Nice job.

  11. I admire anyone who has the emotional fortitude to do artwork for a living. I draw when I get the chance (like when I’m riding on a bus or a train somewhere), but my creations are nothing like yours. It takes a certain level of inner peace to “see” something worth representing and then a certain level of patience to make it into artwork. I don’t think I have either of those things…but your artwork is fun to look at. It’s both calming and thought-provoking at the same time…

  12. ljlenehan says:

    This is my favorite!

  13. StephiaMadelyne says:

    This is simply AMAZING! So striking…

  14. didjaeat says:

    Hey that’s pretty badass!

  15. vudragovich says:

    I like how you post the paintings and then provide links!

  16. strutdogg says:

    Reblogged this on strutdogg and commented:
    i could learn alot from you

  17. 4livinglife says:

    Reblogged this on 4livinglife and commented:
    This art is amazing. I just stopped by the blog to check it out, it’s what I do when someone likes a post of mine. This is just breathtaking work. Awesome Ray, this will take off!

  18. palabrah says:

    Dang incredible. Re-blogging this now!

  19. Olivia Ashe, writer says:

    This looks a bit like the cover of Bridget Jone’s diary ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. smilingtoad says:

    Ah exquisite, indeed. Very classy feel, indubitably. Such a flavour of noir, so stark and lovely, lips alight against the brush glow of a cigarette, those milky plumes of smoke to match one’s coniving broodings in the night before…the ultimate crime. Ah ha, got the imagination flitting. Fabulous image, indeed. Well done!!

  21. Wow!!! an amazing piece of art!!!

  22. Laurie Cosbey says:

    You have amazing focus, skill and talent. Beautiful piece!

  23. lifeyourwaycoaching says:

    Very cool stuff you do. Very original. Keep up the amazing creations!

  24. pam2paige says:

    I want this on my tee!!

  25. […] the dead, is to put rum or bourbon in it.” ~~ Lewis Grizzard ย When I first came acrossย Ray Ferrer’s Urban Wall Art Blogย  I was blown away. I wanted an original piece but didn’t know how his style would translate […]

  26. This piece is rather whimsical.

  27. it certainly has been fun looking at your blog.

  28. Maya Panika says:

    Wild and beautiful

  29. I don’t understand how you create these pieces, but they’re beautiful!

  30. Finally had a chance to look through your whole gallery, and yow, spectacular. As you know, I’m a huge fan of stencil art, although most of what I see here in Tokyo is street art.

  31. Although smoking isn’t ‘beautiful,’ this artwork is!

  32. Abhijit says:

    This looks great Ray!

  33. Amazing artwork, that’s a piece I would love to have.

  34. Absolutely awesome! I’m gonna throw a mention on my blog

  35. This is absolutely awesome!

  36. Barbie says:

    Purely awesome work! : )

  37. rosepoetartist says:

    Outstanding work. I will return.

  38. marcys says:

    I thought smoking was considered a no no, not attractive, these days. Not by me, of course.

  39. jwmontgo says:

    Smoke is always beautiful, super impressive!


  41. thinksayfeel says:

    I REALLY LOVE THIS. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can I make it as my cover photo in FB? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. neelkanth says:

    Reblogged this on Avenues.

  43. Great work! Love contrast

  44. cioccolatoscuro says:

    That’s cool, man.

  45. Linda says:

    Looks like an intaglio print..cool graphic. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  46. Really beautiful work.

  47. Fantastic! WOW on your work… Bravo!

  48. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    An EXCELLENT stencil. Awesome! 700+ like this? What THE?! That’s awesome, you should e proud ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Sandi Tuttle says:

    Hey! Just bought it! Hubby’s birthday is this month… check out my new etsy page and let me know what you think! HomeBadgerCreations

  50. Sandi Tuttle says:

    Great piece! Looks like me, only in a LOT better lighting…

  51. E.J. says:

    This is a great piece. If I hadn’t quit smoking two months ago I might like to have one (painting, not cigarette).

  52. brettfish says:

    wow that is really great. i am like one of the most unartistic people ever, but you clearly have a gift. Thankx for sharing it with us!

  53. I was blessed in attending the School of Art and Design in New York City as a youth. From my art experience these works certainly rate up there with the best of works in this catergory.

  54. Wow!!!! I just love your work you are AMAZING!!!!! cheers Callie

  55. dukesstories says:

    Wow dude! You’ve got some awesome artwork here! I don’t see blogs like this too often…

  56. tmc328 says:

    You do some amazing stencil work.

  57. Steven Jeffries says:

    Sexy and sultury, so cool and yet vey “hot” too! Some very good work here…

  58. very cool work! like you said, simple and sophisticated. I’ll be back

  59. Hi Ray,
    I just nominated your blog for The Very Inspirational Blogger Award. Here is the link: http://sheslosingit.net/2012/06/29/ive-been-nominated/

  60. crazylitlady says:

    This is badass! I’m going to check it out on etsy now!

  61. Foster says:

    I would like to lay old cigarette butts into this inky black awesomeness…

  62. 1oneworld says:

    Great use of the black and white tones that help focus attention on what’s important and all unnecessary elements are removed. I especially like how the eyes are hidden yet the suggestion of them being there and closed, in my mind at least, works very well.

  63. blissfulwife says:

    You are so talented…wow. This is stunning. Your work is equisite. I wanted to give your site some love but your site has simply blown me away. LOVE.

  64. This is absolutely fantastic.

  65. Becky C. says:

    It’s very unique.

  66. The smoke looks awesome. Nailed it.

  67. That’s really sexy – I love it.

  68. John says:

    Smokin’ !!

  69. Love what you’re doing. Keep it up.

  70. Stencils? Fantastic! Going to check out your Esty store front!

  71. Jen says:

    I love this piece.

  72. CatGem says:

    beautiful — love your work

  73. Gene says:

    Very Greta Garbo

  74. sued51 says:

    Great artwork!

  75. Eggbert says:

    Great portfolio…

  76. gayatrimohan says:

    This is great!

  77. Mama Nobi says:

    Really like all your artwork.. Awesome! Been thinking how to work out better like you?.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Very nice. You’re a gifted artist!

  79. Julianna says:

    LOVE this! (It reminded me of the trippy Jesus’-face-in-the-snow thing. Wow, there’s an amazing energy to this work. Rock on.

  80. dejafashion says:

    LOVE this. Sick. You are very talented!

  81. mikelardi says:

    The quality of the light in your work is what sets it apart. The hand detail with the shadows is masterfully done. A great piece within your impressive portfolio!

  82. Excellent, like it a lot.

  83. Mannie says:

    Great Work Urban Arts!

  84. aimlessthinkgirl says:

    I love this; it’s so elegant. The distinct curve of her lines fading into the hazy smoke… very nice.

  85. rixlibris says:

    What a talent!!!

  86. Judith Post says:

    This is an intriguing piece, makes me think of the old black and white, noir movies. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Dramatic.

  87. angelina says:

    your pieces are fantastic but I particularly like this one! Where are you based? Do you travel internationally to do these murals?

  88. x24mccoy says:

    hey, that’s pretty neat! has a real film noir feel to it! not that i know much of anything about art…..

  89. Cheri L. says:

    Interesting, evocative and unique!

  90. very cool – I’d hang this in my living room in a heartbeat!

  91. slowmouse says:

    Oh wow, this is so cool! I like your blog. It inspires me. Peace.

  92. MissMeddle says:

    It’s retro and classy and almost abstract; the smoke forms two eyes and a bull nose to me, and the cigarette almost looks like a syringe…

  93. Staci Troilo says:

    This is really beautiful. I never saw anything like it.

  94. szoutewelle says:

    Your new stencil piece is beautiful!

  95. I love this pix. It invokes the feeling of another time and place I can ;peer into.

  96. mrsfever says:

    What to say? The balance, the noir, the effective use of white space… What I like best about this piece is that the eyes are in shadow. She could be any woman… She is EVERY woman, smoker or non. Very nice piece. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  97. Wow, that’s really fantastic!
    I devinitly love your work and will follow your posts :-)!!

  98. shovonc says:

    Gazing at your stuff is interfering with my work!

  99. jhasmoments says:

    love this ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Lissa Rabon says:

    This artwork is so unique and fun. It takes a special mind to see backwards…

  101. momsomniac says:

    Lovely and sultry!

  102. Thanks for liking my post. You have some fantastic art pieces. I think they’re great and I will continue checking to see what you’ve created!

  103. Jason Preater says:

    Cool stencils. And I like the idea of the urban art!

  104. Wow beautiful stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you.

  105. saura8h says:

    nice work.

  106. Abstract and beautiful!

  107. linesllll says:

    Very cool piece!

  108. jackcurtis says:

    For me, the work captures the image and spirit of the black and white, silent movie era’s artier directors…it stands out.

  109. Janet Blits says:

    Wow, your work is incredibly inspiring. Straight NYC. This smoking lady is my favorite! Keep up the good work and best of luck to you with your vision. ๐Ÿ˜€

  110. lisleephyl says:

    Stunning! I can’t use positive/negative space without it looking boring, but this is gorgeous!

  111. sobnyc says:

    Hello friend,

    I saw your link on another blog that I follow and clicked my way to you. I have the same WordPress theme for my blog http://www.sobnyc.wordpress.com please visit my blog as I write urban stories. I grew up in New York City during the 70’s so I can relate to a lot of your work.

    I also have a blog http://www.igotastorylikethat.wordpress.com where I write short flash fictional stories to artwork that people send to me. I would love to write about one of your pieces. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Steve ……savahome@yahoo.com

  112. love the way you use light and dark in your work.

  113. vacantpages says:

    Love your work, best of luck with it.

  114. Love your art work, you have a very cool talent! ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. feralbulb says:

    Love your work…

  116. 8teen39 says:

    Beautiful work. Do you have any landscapes that you”ve done? I would consider requesting a personalized piece from you but all my photos are landscapes and nature. It might be an interesting juxtaposition, your work with a naturescape.

  117. Artphalt says:

    I really enjoyed this post. Have a nice day

  118. dan4kent says:

    Urban Wall Art – What I got was a appreciation for someone’s work I didn’t know (until beginning now). It’s good to hit the FOLLOW button. Signed – a new and appreciative fan. Dan

  119. Kenneth Merrick says:

    Keep making the rad pictures!

  120. Golden Interiors Inc says:

    very intriguing – 70’s retro look

  121. careyrowland says:

    What a captivating thought

  122. Prashant says:

    This smoking lady is such a nice job you did…

  123. sextails says:

    So hot! The smoke trails are incredible and her hand, I cant draw hands to save me life… I’m as massive fan of simplistic art. Stunning.

  124. themofman says:

    I don’t like smoking but this is kinda sexy.

  125. mrpmartin says:

    Looks beautiful! Keep up the great work!

  126. mypenandme says:

    I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. ๐Ÿ™‚ Best regards, – Mary Ann

  127. kenmikaze says:

    Smoke (Circa 2001)

    I lit one stick,
    In the darkest of nights,
    its acrid kisses bring out
    hazy pictures of our distant memories.
    In its trailing smoke, I reached for you,
    in the darkness, I embraced your fairness.
    In my mind, danced your songs,
    as I breathed in its kisses.
    Slowly, a sweet narcosis envelops me,
    as my mind is filled with your every detail.
    Forgetting all traces of a painful reality,
    But behind all its sweetness, lurks the bitter truth;
    Youโ€™re leagues away from my side.
    My smoke slowly turns to ashes;
    Along with it, our memories;
    And all my desires, and wishes;
    it burns away, towards the darkness.
    I lit another stickโ€ฆ

  128. kenmikaze says:

    Hello Sir, that picture would truly compliment my poem, smoke.

  129. Nader Nazemi says:

    Cool Blog.

  130. Thank you for liking my post. I’m new to blogging and am really enjoying reading other people’s blogs as well. What unique art you have, my dear!

  131. ithopoios says:

    wondeful art! really inspirational. Thanks for liking my post it means alot!

  132. Nice to discover your blog. I can imagine Warhol taking this image and (smoke) silk-screening :0) it over and over. Very fun.

  133. Your artwork is stunning! Thanks for stopping by our blog.

  134. Alli Farkas says:

    Smart stylistic work with a dark hint of film noir. Wishing you continued success!–and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  135. homeflair says:

    Your work is so creative and looking at it creates many different emotions ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for stopping by my blog and check out our online gallery if you can http://www.koboart.com

  136. Assalam’mualaikum…

    Lovely work! (Thanks for stopping by my blog)

  137. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really like your art and process. I’ll definitely be following your posts!

  138. simplysands says:

    Thanks for coming by my blog. This piece is sexy, and it makes the viewer feel sophisticated.

  139. mffanrodders says:

    yeah, that’s beautiful and an unusual stencil design. I love it.

  140. Simplicity at it’s best. Less is definitly more in this case.

  141. bekabielman says:

    Thanks for coming by my blog! Your work is exciting ๐Ÿ™‚

  142. zaheromareen says:

    Reblogged this on Zaher Omareen Blog and commented:
    Peaceful time stencil ..

  143. Shinobise says:

    Good job ๐Ÿ™‚ Thx for visiting my blogn, nice to discover yours!

  144. Idle Emma says:

    I really like how you captured the whispy motions of the smoke with such simplicity.

  145. You’re very talented!

  146. PJ dara says:

    It’s simple, but cool and dreamy. It give a feeling of something going on. I like it.

  147. unclerave says:

    They certainly knew how to make smoking *seem* romantic! I kinda miss the old days, when cigarette commercials were allowed on American television.

    — YUR

  148. paul says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I browsed some of your last blogs and I must admit that the work you are producing is just amazing!!

  149. Rachel Heu says:

    The treatment of the smoke is amazing… Lovely work! (Thanks for stopping by my blog)

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