I love this detailed funky piece!  Fire Escape…..  Spray Paint & Acrylic

Want something made for you?  Reach out!

Spray Paint & Acrylic


  1. efreniir says:

    This one’s gorgeous, man. good job.

  2. jeb blogra says:

    This NYC Fire Escape is an Incredibly amazing piece, amongst many more ridiculously outstanding body of work! The process taken to create each piece is painstakingly tedious, but your carving hand are truly gifted. Not forgetting the fact that the stencil is cut in reverse of the intended image. WOW here, there, & all over, Mr Ferrer!

  3. inkomazi says:

    Your work is almost like late afternoon photography. Beautiful! Maa shaa Allah!!

  4. ubrty says:

    Love this!!!! Reminds me so much of time in New York. (:

  5. Petunia says:

    I LOVE this piece.

  6. One word – BRILLIANT ! Smashing artwork !

  7. auddity says:

    this is GORGEOUS.

  8. mightwar says:

    I just love the way you have captured the play of light here. It’s dazzling to see and dazzling trying to figure out how you do this! Image after image, your work astounds me. You really are gifted.

  9. lightrapping says:

    Beautiful one!
    You should give a try on having bigger images in the main page. They deserve more room…

  10. lupinefeather says:

    Incredible stencil work! Love your wide variety of styles.

  11. Is it accidental that the shadow on the wall looks like sheet music?

  12. Yoshiko says:

    At first glance, it look real.

  13. Chiraag says:

    Great stuff! Agreed, brings something normally seen as mundane to life!

  14. Wow nice! This is a cool one.

  15. Amy Jo says:

    I love the light in this! Talented!

  16. sixathome says:

    Fire escapes are so mundane and yet so important to urban dwelling. You have made them shine with interest! Firefighters and their children (me) are probably the few that pay them any mind.

  17. woahmolly says:

    That is amazing!

  18. House of KiKies says:

    this is amazing! love the detail.. the light look so natural..

  19. Mistlab says:

    brilliant work!!

  20. Troglodyte42 says:

    Love the contrast!

  21. askyoo says:

    Great details on the stairs and railing

  22. Wow…talent. Love how real it looks!

  23. Unbelievably realistic.

  24. petit4chocolatier says:

    I really love this piece; as well as others you have shared.

  25. brittsmitten says:

    This is breathtaking!

  26. ManicDdaily says:

    This also is a very cool piece – the shadows read like music on a score. k.

  27. indigorchid says:

    Wow, the detail in this is stunning! I really enjoy how I can’t make sense of the perspective, and it disorients me. Haha, that’s good once in a while, to be shook up, so to say.

  28. Amazing!You are very talented!

  29. Amazing work, I love it.

  30. miked891 says:

    Amazing!, this stuff is amazing. I cannot believe that this is not a photograph. Absolutely stunning!

  31. Beautiful piece! You are very talented.

  32. Wow, this is just gorgeous! Amazing sense of light and shadow; I love it!

  33. lovehaunt says:

    Beautiful! Strange and compelling piece. Nice work on your blog!

  34. emyannie says:

    Holy crap, you have some amazing talent!!! This is a blog I will definitely be following. Again, absolutely stunning!

  35. Deira says:

    This is stunning, very Noir

  36. Love your creativity and giving me the opportunity to have a look at the treasures on your blog.

  37. This is great. You’ve even got a glow of light coming through the stairs. Fantastic. Oh, and great Gravatar, too.


  38. adiem says:

    nice work! 🙂

  39. This is my favorite (although I am still looking). To me, it’s a dark theme, but with so much light! Love it!
    And once I get my book finished….. I will be in touch!

  40. Your work is amazing! I really love this piece. How long does it take you to cut all those small intricate details? I love how the white space looks like light pouring through the fire escape. Wonderful!

  41. j3ssi33ss3x says:

    Reblogged this on The Three G's.

  42. j3ssi33ss3x says:

    The subject matter is one of my personal favorites, and your shading technique is remarkable and very realistic. This is outstanding work.

  43. rasanchize says:

    this is fantastic!!!!!

  44. dborys says:

    I know you work in a much larger format, but this would make an awesome book cover. I can almost see the title and author typography that would sit on top of it. Great job.

  45. duddik says:

    it looks so real ! amazing work

  46. bvconrad61 says:

    Love the detail in this

  47. I love this piece! The contrast of light and dark is wonderful!

  48. charmcab says:

    This piece took my breath away. I couldn’t stop looking!

  49. jakobisahero says:

    Dude, this is pure genius. I love it.


  50. Kanerva says:

    Nice work!

  51. The effect of lighting in this artwork is great!

  52. That’s really beautiful. This isn’t my kind of work, usually, but this one’s really fascinating 🙂

  53. Beautiful, this is my favorite so far!

  54. bruceczopek says:

    Great tones. Good stuff.

  55. i’m gonna need some art! i love your darker pieces.
    are u in NY?

  56. weartheydo says:

    Wow, you have some beautiful pieces here. all of your art looks so complex, keep it up!

  57. Vero says:

    Definitely wow! I love your art

  58. Deborah Gall says:

    Love this! Light and shadow are amazing!

  59. yes1and says:

    Your work is beautiful!

  60. This is a gorgeous piece.

  61. leekirs1 says:

    Love this one! Why? Light and shadow master! Beyond that the piece evokes strong feelings of memory, dream, and is quite haunting.

  62. angryricky says:

    I don’t know a whole lot about art, but this one moves me, like nothing else I’ve seen in a long time.

  63. Fantastic! Love your blog.

  64. mj says:

    amazing work! awesome! this one especially. I’m really really impressed!

  65. jayangulo says:

    your art works are great! especially this one!

  66. e says:

    wow! this is amazing.

  67. Paul Cahill says:

    I love fire escapes. Great work.

  68. Erinslens says:

    Wow, that is incredible. Thanks for sharing this.

  69. mrlesco says:

    I have a brand new photo with the same emotion in it that I just posted in “Jungle City’ that I think you’d like. This is gloomy but enlightening; I’m a fan.

  70. artepad says:

    wowwww!!! amazing artwork!

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