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Friends and Family! (You are all both)

Today is my MRI w/ Spectroscopy to determine brain tumor cell type, growth rate, etc..
A way forward should be determined based on the outcome.  My family and I are optimistic and will face this knowing we are loved and embraced by you all, a caring community.  We will keep you posted through social media updates and other communications.

For those who don’t know the whole story or are just getting to my blog for the first time, here is the initial post of my diagnosis.  Brain Scan..  Not as pretty as my artwork… 


There are new prints available in my Etsy store from commissioned original pieces I have been finishing.  The clients and collectors of my originals are happy to allow me to make prints to raise funds for medical expenses as we rough these tough times.  Please have a look and also, for your help, EVERYTHING in the store is 50% off with coupon code ART50 at checkout.  Ray’s Etsy –>

There are two of my oldest Originals, in Black and White that are on Canvas.  I made them years ago and they are also 50% off with code.  If you would like more info on these pieces please let me know and I am willing to go lower than 50% on those pieces, even though they are near and dear to me in an effort to raise funds to someone who really connects with them.

With love, … your artist,
Ray Ferrer


“Bob Marley” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me.
36″ x 30″ Sold / Commissioned

Prints are available!
Ferrer - Bob Marley

I was given permission by my client (thank you) to make prints to assist with my brain tumor situation as many of you know. and as usual, 50% off ANY artwork with coupon code ART50 in my shop.

****Please check out my post  “Brain Scan.. Not as pretty as my artwork…”  

Ray Ferrer

“Swinging” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me

Ferrer - Swingset Small

In spite of my situation, as many of you have been reading, I am painting to keep my spirits up and stay motivated.
This original piece has sold but I have been given the OK to make prints.

Prints of this are limited and available if you would like to purchase in our continued effort to raise funds for upcoming treatments and surgeries regarding my brain tumor.

Everything in my Etsy shop is available at 50% off with coupon code ART50 in order to assist my family and I.

Here is the link for the shop:

Dearest friends, fans, FAMILY!
Please reblog, share, tweet, FB, you name it!

Over the years it has been my freehand spray paint artwork that many of you are accustomed to seeing.  There will be more but for now, there is this.  My wife and I are working hard on keeping you up to date.  We are blown away by the more than 60K followers who show there support to us daily on the blog and other social media platforms!

So, here is a scan of my brain and the Tumor is circled. Its bigger than first thought.  On the 9th I have one more MRI w/ spectroscopy to determine the rate of growth and cell types.  Then it gets really hairy.

Ray Brain

I am doing the best I can to be in good spirits and will continue to strive! It really helps knowing I have touched so many people with my artwork and commitment to all of you as friends and fans, now FAMILY!  As always, my wife and I will keep you updated on things as they move forward…. because they will move forward!


A huge assortment of my art prints and original artwork will be 50% off in my Etsy store throughout this to assist us with raising the necessary funds to overcome any obstacle while I am undergoing treatment, surgeries, chemo and radiation.

Use coupon code ART50 at checkout and get 50% off of ANYTHING. Now is a good chance to get the print or the old original you had your eye on.  Here is the link.

Please also go to and share or contribute if at all possible.  Anything counts and there are some great rewards.

Love, Ray and Rhian

“Watchful Eyes” – Spray Paint on Wood by Me.
36″ x 16″ x 1″ (Inches).
My first since being diagnosed w/ a large brain tumor. One of a kind original.

Many of you know of my struggle per previous posts.


All of my art prints and other originals are 50% off at Etsy now with coupon code ART50 at checkout

I hope you enjoy! I created this from the inspiration of you ALL and your eyes can be felt on our family!

Love, Ray & Rhian

Eyes1 Eyes2

Brain Tumor Diagnosis….

Posted: January 26, 2015 in Art Work

Hi Friends and Fans of Ray! This is his wife, Rhian Ferrer….
Tuesday morning I found Ray in bed having a seizure (he has never had one before) I brought him to the hospital and he is stable but has a massive baseball sized tumor in/on his brain.  He will be undergoing surgeries, radiation and chemo therapy in the upcoming months.  

I have set up a Go Fund Me page for Ray.

Here is the link.

Please share and be sure to check out the links on the page, including the Etsy link where you can get get great art prints of his that will also help contribute!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and our family thanks you. He holds his fans in such high regards and will be updating everyone as things progress.

As Ray deals with the hard news of a baseball sized brain tumor, I, his wife, am adding some of his works for public availability / purchase to offset some of the expenses and costs of his costly procedures.

His latest….
“Heart of the Sea”
Original was spray paint on canvas.

Prints now available of this and they are signed and ready to frame.

If you would like to order anything from his Etsy shop that would be a huge help to us right now to offset some expenses. You can use Coupon Code ART50 during check out to save 50%.


Ferrer - Heart of Sea