“Madonna – Bold” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me…

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Art Work
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“Madonna – Bold”

Spray Paint on Canvas by Me.
14″ x 11″


Ferrer - Madonna Bold


  1. mainergurl says:

    This is breath taking , very well done πŸ™‚

  2. Kari I. says:

    Reblogged this on Kari's 10 Words and commented:
    Reblog ~ Ray Ferrer – Emotion on Canvas.

    To me, this emotion is pure stoicism, maybe a hint of some emotion hidden deeply, hidden well.

  3. Will you paint another of Madonna?

  4. […] “Madonna – Bold” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me…. […]

  5. Abby Boid says:

    I love this version of Madonna (hers, and yours).

  6. kennymack2 says:

    Wicked! Just Wicked ! All of them!! I can’t begin to imagine how you get spray paint to go where you want it to> Oh I know, you spray the paint into a jar and then use a brush. Right.?

  7. Leslie Stockton says:

    excellent πŸ™‚

  8. afsheenanjum says:

    Its beautiful…and agree with Moderndayruth.

  9. seriously spray paint! u r incredibly talented.

  10. Great image. My mother graduated with that woman. She’s actually on a yearbook spread in Planet Hollywood, DC, because of it!

  11. KhoaSinclair says:

    Love it! Very art pop.

  12. janelorraine says:

    I can’t believe that was created with spray paint! The lines are so clean that it looks like a graphic design. Amazing!

  13. axiomatika says:

    i want this

  14. I love Madge and love the poster too! I think i’ve never before seen her depicted in purple… Great work and noble cause too. Keep up the good work!

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