Just got my new cards in….

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Art Work
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I love getting new cards.  I usually get a batch every 6 months or so and it is always a nice surprise to see them in person!

Ferrer - Cards

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  1. Kay Rodriques says:

    Is that Lucy from I Love Lucy that is on your card? Sure looks like her. Beautiful design.

  2. those cards are spectacular…i love new cards, too…I don’t love all the typos i find after i get a new box…..your style of art is very unique. I will have to check out more of it…

  3. What talent you have–amazing!

  4. lordalbrus says:

    Very nice work! Earned a Follow and a like from this guy!

  5. JT Gummo says:

    Those are awesome business cards! Very eye catching and I love the artwork.

  6. You are pretty talented !! I have a MBA as well, but I like to spend my time traveling & writing 🙂 keep it up

  7. Pepz347 says:

    Props to you man! Artwork is beautiful!

  8. Ray, your work is so unique! I also enjoyed reading your description of your work. You inspired me today: http://deanslistdrummingblog.com/2014/02/28/dean-on-dean/

  9. tlf says:

    Those are so freakin’ cool! I don’t even need cards, but now I want some.

  10. […] Just got my new cards in….. […]

  11. Lucy says:

    Stunning cards.. You have a great talent.Lucy

  12. Shelley says:

    I love your stuff and I love Lucy! 🙂

  13. doctorlynn says:

    You’re such a wonderful artist. I LOVE seeing your beautiful creations. Just wanted to stop in and tell you so. I’ve been a silent admirer for a long time!

  14. What a fab professional site you have and these cards are greaaat!! You have quite inspired me and believe me I need all the help I can get as a student with an impending exhibition to organise, I always over complicate-I’m learning!, any tips, greatly appreciated.

  15. yearoftheinsect says:

    Pretty schnazzy. They remind me of my tattooist’s cards; retro and eye-catching.

  16. truth42 says:

    Really like your work. Ian x

  17. salmonpnk says:

    Hey Ray! It always inspiring for me to connect with creatives such as yourself…I love the beauty and balance of your work.

  18. Your work is amazing! Can’t wait until I can afford it!

  19. These are fire! Which company did you use?

  20. I love Lucy!!!!!!!! Best show ever 😀

  21. walkerpod says:

    My wife would love one for her birthday!

  22. sandraconner says:

    Oh, they’re terrific!

  23. lahowlett says:

    Love them! Can’t go wrong with Lucy. 🙂

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