Ladies & Gentlemen…. I give to you…. Plutonium Paint!

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Art Work
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Ladies & Gentlemen…. I give to you…. Plutonium Paint!

I never endorse products!  When you come to my site it is to see what I have created next.  However, I could not resist sharing with you all the spray paint I have been using for the last several pieces listed on my blog and elsewhere.

The coverage is amazing!  It is laced with heavy pigments and dries insanely even and FAST!  The caps are interchangeable so you can have huge spray coverage or calligraphy like spray if desired.   The proof is in the details of my latest work!  Have a look.

Also, the caps don’t jam after a couple of uses!  I was sick and tired of buying expensive paint only to blow through caps at a ridiculous rate.  Not with Plutonium.

You can use the cans upside down if necessary which is huge!  If you use spray paint you know what a pain it is to have to tilt the work or the can to get what you need.  The last thing you want is to be moving along and then no spray…

Another thing,… if you spray paint chances are you have to do it outside.  What happens if you have a bout of bad weather?  I use these paints INSIDE!  Good stuff!

Plutonium Paint reduces the carbon footprint of aerosol spray by 50%, by using a 70% pigment load and 30% propellant, making it more eco-friendly than leading brands.  No CFCs.

I have used more than 15 brands of spray paint over the years and I have finally found my brand.

Please give them a look!  Here are some of their sites:


  1. Nice! I may have to look into this as MN weather doesn’t make for good outdoor painting. Ray do you have any experience with Montana Gold Acrylic paint? If so what do you think? I tried out a can a while ago but it got clogged and nothing I did could unclog it.

    • urbanwallart says:

      Clogging is an issue with a lot of spray paint. I had the same issue with them. Check out Plutonium and their changeable caps. When you do, tell them I sent you! They are great people.

  2. I will definitely keep this in mind with my next spray paint project. Always happy to reduce the carbon footprint.

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