“Young Mick Jagger and Keith Richards” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me…

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Art Work
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“Young Mick Jagger and Keith Richards” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me.

Beast of Burden….

This is a commissioned piece someone had done for a super fan for the holidays!  Such a cool idea so I wanted to share it.

Want something made?  Email me at reinaldoferrer@gmail.com

Beast of Burden

  1. Reblogged this on http://www.taratsanews.wordpress.com and commented:
    One great Artist hiding in blogs!!!

  2. littlelionman98 says:

    Dang, these are so cool.

  3. thattrevor says:

    Hi Ray.
    just got home from my big paddle. Awesome art. Really, really well done. Can’t wait to check out your whole blog. I am a follower now. Really impressed.

  4. Layma says:

    This website is amazing and AWESOME 😉

  5. Sara says:

    Love this! Rock icons. Great work.

  6. I think Mick is more famous for his lips and dancing with Tina. lol Nice work.

  7. ksirahsirah says:

    So life like! Beauty. Plus one of my fav. RS… Beast of Burden

  8. bloggirl52 says:

    Spray paint? Amazing!

  9. samara says:

    Love this. Not just the art, which is spectacular, but the name – Emotion on Canvas. Hot. Plus, you used the word “vehement” in your mission statement, so you are a word smith as well.

  10. lkgphoto says:

    That is freakin’ amazing!

  11. blindmuggy says:

    Freaakin awesoooommmmeee!,

  12. kittylove6 says:

    Great job! I still really want to really get into spray paint and other art forms like this.

  13. maggie0019 says:

    wow! what a beautiful piece. fantastic!

  14. Larnelle_J says:

    i need me something like this

  15. Love the art! very creative 🙂

  16. Another great production.

  17. Lee Ann says:

    The Glimmer Twins!

  18. Wow! this is awesome!

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