“James Gandolfini” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me….

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Art Work
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“James Gandolfini” – Spray Paint on 20″ x 16″ Canvas by Me.

This is a commissioned piece someone had done for a super fan for the holidays!  Such a cool idea so I wanted to share it.

Want something made?  Email me at reinaldoferrer@gmail.com

Ferrer - James Gandolfini


  1. Fabulous, Ray. What a loss.

  2. canvas Art says:

    Modern canvas art is a huge business enterprrise for plenty of
    entrepreneurs. It almost seems as though everything was fine until Banksy goot such massive media attention.
    Every family has photos that arre particularly special, whether they aree wedding phjotos or those that have managed to
    capture a particularly warm memory.

  3. hocuspocus13 says:

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    jinxx reblogged to hocuspocus13

  4. chelawriter says:

    Great pose! Well done.

  5. rikray says:

    This is amazing!

  6. This is such an epic painting, can’t wait to see what else is coming next

  7. Looks amazing, you have a great talent! Ah, Gandolfini, I miss him, he was a very talented man.

  8. tomiolugbemi says:

    This is incredibly awesome. I love James Gandolfini, May he always rest in piece.

  9. Brad Birky says:

    That’s awesome! How long did it take you to make the stencil?

  10. taraleigh90 says:

    wow, the likeness is incredible.

  11. It captures the personality of Mr. Suprano brilliantly!

  12. Cool work! How much do you generally charge for making one like this?

  13. A says:

    You are so incredibly talented! Keep creating, you are awesome!

  14. Arphaxad says:

    Your work is amazing.

  15. jaimiengle says:

    Freaking awesome! I love Gandofini, and am still sad every time I see him in a film (or on canvas). Great capturing of his likeness, my friend.

  16. Mich-in-French says:

    I love it! You are so talented!

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