“Pray for Syria” – Sketch & Design by Me….

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Art Work
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“Pray for Syria” is an original sketch and design by me.  I never share my sketches but wanted to make this one available in the form of numbered / signed / limited edition prints.

*** Limited to only 25 SIGNED prints.  Get yours here —> http://etsy.me/14LcTlb

"Pray for Syria" Original Sketch & Design Ray Ferrer

“Pray for Syria”
Original Sketch & Design
Ray Ferrer

  1. Hi there! I cojld have sworn I’ve been to this website before but
    afterr reading through somee of the post I realized it’s new to
    me. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll
    be bookmarking and checking back often!

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  3. Mohammed Jehan Khan says:

    Just awesome and I love the concept.

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  5. Very provocative imagery, beautiful work!

  6. gracierobin says:

    Great, poignant work to reflect an issue that needs to be addressed in more ways other than just the through the media. Powerful

  7. Phil Andre says:

    A stunning work of art with profoundly serious intent. The comments above confirm that you have struck a chord with many people and provoked some thoughtful, sensible and sensitive reflection about the situation in Syria. I recently arrived home from a trip to SE Turkey (overlooking the Syrian border at one point) and encountered first-hand what life is like for some of the Syrians who have had to flee across the border. The support that Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are giving the refugees puts to shame the responses deriving from the governments of many other nation states (e.g. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Iran, the USA, France and Britain), responses which seem intent on fuelling the conflict rather than encouraging its rapid conclusion. But my worry about the refugees is this: will the populations of the “host” nations turn against the refugees the longer they remain in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey consuming resources needed by the most economically disadvantaged “indigenous” population? Winter is fast approaching…. Phil (P.S. glad you still like “In search of unusual destinations).

  8. Sarah says:

    Your work is simply amazing! I paint, draw, design, and sculpt…but I’ve never mastered spray paint as you have! Very impressive!

  9. Raiha says:

    Reblogged this on Life In Pakistan and commented:
    I am amazed to see how the thoughts of the American PEOPLE differ from the views of the American GOVERNMENT. Is it then foolish to hate the Americans as a whole? I have asked this question many times and defended the American PEOPLE. Here is the most common answer: Why do Americans hate Pakistanis or Muslims as a whole, when only a few extremist parties are responsible for terrorism?
    The muddled mind of an eighteen year old on the hatred prevalent in our world…
    Yet it makes me a little happier to see that not all is lost! Amazing sketch…

    • urbanwallart says:

      I don’t think most Americans hate the Muslim community. I think ignorant PEOPLE hate others simply because they don’t understand them. I wish hatred for those that are different was a non-issue but unfortunately it is a large issue.

      • Raiha says:

        Yes exactly. Thanks to platforms like these Pakistanis and Muslims are able to see the real Americans, not just what the media portrays. We judge eachother not by looking at the people, but at the officials.

      • We Americans are by far the most accomodating people on earth. Muslims are not our problem neither are Buddhists nor any other religious people. What Americans cannot stand is the uncertainty that different communities encourage and if Muslims encourage their brothers to do crazy things (even by keeping silent) then we have a real problem.
        So, if you are a muslim, say something to anyone you know and encourage them to make sure that Peace prevails.

      • Mish says:

        Ignorance does seem to be the cause of many misunderstandings and assumptions. Very well put! Thank you for recognizing and vocalizing this.

    • War leaves generations of people vulnerable to ‘new’ traditions… Culture is organized to maintain humanity intergenerationally… War disrupts mutually dependent survival… as some who is a citizen of the USA (vs the Americas), I am deeply saddened by the decisions to go to war, rather than negotiate. It seems to me that governments that go to war, have interests in making people vulnerable. Making money off disaster is the point of Naomi Klein’s book “Disaster Capitalism.” I apologize to the people all over the world that my efforts have not hindered the actions of war.

      • Raiha says:

        I love your view on this. They’ve turned war into a twisted, savage business opportunity. Destroy, rebuild. Make money in rebuilding. All governments have an agenda behind war. A reason that is NOT ‘for the sake of humanity’. They do make people vulnerable, as you said, and then once the people have lost all hope and they’ve surrendered, the forces invade land, and steal resources. The attacking parties suck out everything the place has to offer and then leave when they began to suffer losses themselves.
        Let’s just hope that atleast the people of different cultures and areas unite, so that no matter what our governments do, WE do not fall into that deep pit of hatred from which it is very difficult to dig out of.
        Thanks for sharing your views Dr. Maher. You’ve helped clear my concept on this issue a little more.

      • Exactly… it is about the resources and the power to control them. If it were about people, then there would be efforts to help people bond.

        Keep going. Your work is touching people. 😉

  10. Tanya says:

    This is honestly wonderful! Who said you need words to describe a situation. I know it’s difficult for artists to make a living creating art, but I hope you have achieved that success and continue to do so. 🙂

  11. cavemum says:

    Oof, this is hard-hitting and meaniingful…I’d love to feature it on an article I just wrote on my won blog about Syria and the possible airstrikes America is threatening, would you mind, if I gave you a credit? Alternatively I could ping it back to this blog…up to you.

  12. xwilcher says:

    This is fly. I love it.

  13. great sketch – symbolizes what people have to do when they are helpless. How come no one is asking how the Syrian government became so empowered. Amnesia – maybe.

  14. This is a great, and thoughtful sketch! I recently posted a short study on “intercession prayer”. I believe we have forgotten how crucial intercession is.

  15. eurobrat says:

    Wow, that is a VERY nice image.

  16. […] “Pray for Syria” – Sketch & Design by Me….. […]

  17. decacore says:

    I must admit that i am amazed by your talented work, this echos a great message and reminds me of Banksy’s artwork. Great Job!

  18. PapaBear says:

    Hi Keli,
    I understand your feelings and the confusion about why or if we should, once again, interfere in the events of another country. My thoughts (from a long time ago) were: Didn’t anyone read the history of that region ever, or the bible at least???? The “middle east” has been at war somewhere there since the beginning of remembered or written history. It’s become part of their culture. It seems that peace is not in their vocabulary. They have to be fighting someone. Why do we want it to be us???
    Why…, because self serving politicians can agrandize themselves by pretending to “defend humanity”. And that’s all I got to say about the South. Good night, darlin’ girl.

  19. Nadyess says:

    Fantastic picture! Very well expressed!

  20. Rayla-Jeanne says:

    You certainly express the questions well. And another one: If our justification for involvement is for humanitarian reasons, which I personally could buy into, why did we ignore Darfur and Sudan. Clearly our official, national compassion is more aroused when there is some political advantage for us. I just wish it was presented in a more clear and transparent way.

  21. kelihasablog says:

    Reblogged this on Keli has a Blog and commented:
    Today I thought I’d shard my friend Ray’s SIGNED and NUMBERED sketches. This one particulary touches me as I have been pondering what to say about the situation of Syria. I think I have more questions than probably should have be allowed.
    #1. Can I TRUST my own Government? I’ve never been to Syria or studied it in depth, so my questions may seem odd but hopefully not innapropriate.
    #2. While I’m pretty sure everyone here that actually realizes what is going on over there, hates the destruction of not only the physical landscape, but of the lives of the Syrian people.
    #3. I admit, I do wonder why WE are suppose to become involved. I know, they say it’s for HUMANITARIAN reasons, but our own President reported OUR country to the UN for punishment for OUR supposed Humanitarian acts here against our own people.
    #4. I hesitate or perhaps I should say, am unsure, that while Obama says we have “credible” sources or the usage of various poisonious gases on it’s own people, (therefore we should go “save them”), why is their “credible evidence” here…. how is it different from the “credible” evidence Bush had against the weapons of mass destrustion of Sadam Hussein? We see bodies lined up, dead, victims of “something”, and yet we saw them in Iraq as well, but for some reason, some of the “leaders now” act like Iraq was a huge sin, mistake, and that the Pres. lied to the American people. (duh, I don’t think they did, but the flip flop seems so obvious to me)
    #5. Okay, so this isn’t suppose to be another War for us to become involved in, (because they say they won’t put boots on the ground) why do they insist on leaving the door open for that action? That’s what they said about Libya also, but I met someone here from the base who had just gotten back from being in Lybia… on the ground)
    Actually, I ran into the back of his car on my way to the hospital to get to my mother several months back.
    #6. Okay, say the Congress votes NO, Obama has said that he is going to do it anyway, yet he, & so many others, seem to think that’s okay. And actually, it may be Constitutional, but when I think back, and I remember Benghazi (we never have heard the Truth about that), Fast and Furious, where our guns were given to the Mexican cartel and used to murder, not only their own people, but ours as well…. We have never had ANY accountability or real explaination for that; Ft. Hood being called “Work place Violence” instead of what it really was… a terrorist act against those soldiers. Those soldiers can’t even get the benefits they would have received if they had received these same wounds on the battle fields. Why can’t this Administration call it what it is.
    #6. I wonder about that RED LINE that has been repeatedly crossed and moved, again and again, yet still, Obama won’t accept any personal responsibility. It’s always put off on another…. this time it’s the “World Stage”. (just personal opinion, he NEVER accepts accountability for anything he or his administration does, that is questioned.)
    #7. What makes Obama’s “High Confidence” level of the use of weapons of mass destruction different from the “High level of Confidence” that Bush had. What is this repeated accusation that the info wasn’t redible last time? We were not the only country told this information and all (meaning several other countries) also believed it.
    #7. What is all this stalling about? (Just my opinion, but how can you send a clear strong message to the Syrian leader when you waffle back and forth and tell everyone what you think you’ll do, giving them time to prepare or change things?)
    #8. If this is a Civil War is Syria, that saddens me, but OUR Country had it’s own Civil War many years ago…. I believe more people were killed here than several of the later wars put together…. but that was something we as a country had to apparently settle for ourselves. If we had another one, would we want or expect other countries to cover over, choose sides, and interfere? Wouldn’t that make it no longr OUR civil war?
    #9. If we are “helping” due to Humanitariean reasons, how can they use that as justification when in all honesty, neither side is going to be a friend or ally for us. They will probably be like many others, where we have interferred, and they still want to stamp out the USA. I feel the need for a reasonable explanation… but that’s just me.
    #10. Don’t get me wrong, I hate what is going on in many of the countries in that area, but I don’t see any really wanting our help or interference after they have supposedly “worked out the problem”? Remember in Afganistan when the Russian’s were there and we “helped” get them out, and then we left and the country fell into turmoil again… another dictator, wasn’t there?… We went in to “help” again and are battling the very people we helped when they were fighting the Russians…. isn’t that odd to anyone else. If we help in Syria, who are we helping? Is it the Muslim Brotherhood who hates us and Israel, or are they really Syrians who want, and are fighting for liberty from tyranny? (Just wondering)
    Well, I have to go do errands for my mom and try to go pay my bills etc. I am honestly in a STALEMATE on my opinion of what to do, but since I know they won’t ask me what I think, and no one who decides actually cares what I think or wonder about… I’m jus going to try to shove it to a “back burner” in my head and in my heart, until later. (yes, for those of you who know “Gone With the Wind”, being a good Southern girl, “I’ll just worry about that tomorrow”… (may be paraphrased.

  22. kelihasablog says:

    Beautifully done way to express the concern and helpless feelings most of us have. 😀

  23. jasonrussellscott says:


  24. xballerina says:

    Wow, this is touching. A perfect example of how art can often say more than words. Thanks for sharing…

  25. ryan says:

    Yes, let’s pray for peace in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Iran and the whole world! Thanks for posting this!

  26. kidbrain says:

    your work is beautiful. i am a huge banksy fan and your simple but effective art speaks wonders in the same way. awesome awesome.

  27. Tom McCubbin says:

    Good job! Thanks!

  28. vidamanejo says:

    This is thought provoking and amazing!

  29. The Vigilant Robot says:

    Reblogged this on The Vigilant Robot and commented:
    I absolutely love this piece “Pray for Syria.” It provides a mix of emotions from sadness to hope; it speaks for itself.

  30. Thank-you for doing this ghastly but beautiful piece! I think that is wonderful that as an artist, you are using your awesome aesthetic to make an important statement! And it is in a constructive and not destructive way.

    I am also glad that people are making their voice heard about Syria. Stand up for PEACE 🙂

  31. Bryan Do says:

    really meaningful picture.

  32. […] “Pray for Syria” – Sketch & Design by Me….. […]

  33. […] “Pray for Syria” – Sketch & Design by Me….. […]

  34. Kev says:

    They most certainly need our prayers.

  35. artsofdays says:


  36. Reblogged this on AntiTerrorAthiest and commented:
    Art is a great form of expression, I love this piece.

  37. artsofdays says:

    hmmm…nice concept!

  38. S. Thomas Summers says:

    Really quite stunning. Thanks. God bless.

  39. I think I just fell in love with you after seeing this sketch.

  40. taliaegreen says:

    Wow. Haunting image. Very powerful. I’ve read articles and articles about the events in Syria but This visual, artistic explanation resonates so strongly

  41. […] “Pray for Syria” by Ray Ferrer: This is a sketch by Artist Ray Ferrer. It is available in the form of a poster / print, and is numbered and signed. This signed print is limited to 25.  Go to: https://urbanwallart.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/pray-for-syria-sketch-design-by-me/; […]

  42. This is fantastic and beautiful. Something about the simplicity of the sketch is quite mesmerizing.

  43. Cant help but to feel emotionally moved by the picture…

  44. Talha Ahmed says:

    Gripping !!!!!! Thanks for the share

  45. bellsonit says:

    Reblogged this on Bellsonit's Blog and commented:
    makes you think, doesn’t it?

  46. Meanie Mouse says:

    Reblogged this on The Meanie Mouse.

  47. A very powerful piece. Wow! And I do/will pray for Syria.

  48. Ray, you are very talented. You really do a great job with your pictures. You are an artist like your Creator!
    God bless, Jonathan

  49. nson5487 says:

    I am loving your work and especially this one where it has real deep meaning.

  50. […] “Pray for Syria” – Sketch & Design by Me….. […]

  51. You work is Exquisite and speaks. Thank you for haring it.

  52. Excellent work of art, look forward to seeing more of your work!

  53. dan4kent says:

    Serious work by a serious artist. I’ll be letting others know what you’ve produced. Really fine. Dan

  54. […] “Pray for Syria” – Sketch & Design by Me….. […]

  55. mybedroomfloor says:

    Powerful piece!

  56. GFixation says:

    This is a really great powerful piece, continue to shine the light on the struggles of this country. Peace

  57. technophile9 says:

    This is amazing… We need to pray for Syria. Very moving.

  58. mj says:

    Arresting sketch. Can Syria live on prayers now, though, I wonder… but I guess, that’s where we must begin – to pray for good sense to prevail and for Syria to live.

  59. E-one says:

    Reblogged this on Silently, Churping and commented:
    Beautifully expressed !

  60. Garima nag says:

    may god grace the land & its people with peace & prosperity . …nice write up

  61. shanuwater says:

    Unfortunately it will take more than prayer, but war is never the solution.

  62. jcoates says:

    that is very good work

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