“Listen Up” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me

Posted: March 23, 2013 in Art Work
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“Listen Up” —  This is a 24″ x 18″  piece on canvas that I have brought to many exhibitions from Virginia to Chicago and back to the NYC area.  As I get ready to create a lot of new art for my upcoming exhibition in San Diego this May I wanted to post more work on here for everyone to see.

**This piece is available for a limited time on my Etsy shop  CLICK  –> HERE <–   

Listen Up

Listen Up

  1. RaisingDragonBoy says:

    Fantastic work! This piece reminds me of my son. We just took a pic of him with handphones. Look forward to seeing more of your works. Cheers, Kelly

  2. daiaryofunemployedman says:

    Wow, this nice!

  3. I can stare at this piece for quite awhile and still find it fascinating. Excellent job!

  4. Wonderful Piece. Hope to see more.

  5. So, I was bumping around Facebook and an Etsy ad caught my attention. Guess what pic was displayed in their “handmade art” ad?! Pretty cool!

  6. momsasaurus says:

    Man, I wish I had a smidge of your artistic talent! These are great!

  7. sophiaolivya says:

    It’s awesome!

  8. itycharles says:

    keep this up, good work

  9. DiLava says:

    That’s actually the most stunning image!!!!

  10. Ruby says:

    Wow another great work, love it!

  11. Super creative! And powerful!

  12. ChgoJohn says:

    Cute subject and great piece!

  13. Jameka Brown says:

    It’s so life like! Amazing!

  14. kelihasablog says:

    Beautiful…. as always! 😀

  15. Amazing work. Love it!

  16. vanwinsen says:

    Great! Love it 🙂

  17. alycevayle says:

    Hey this is great! Stencil work?

  18. Books are not the only way to learn. I cannot believe how comp tech savy my elementary school grandchildren are. Do homework at home and email it to teacher !

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