“Yours Truly” – Audrey Hepburn Collaboration w/ My wife

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Art Work
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“Yours Truly” — This is a mixed media collaboration piece that I have created with my wife.  She laid down the foundation with a beautiful collage of antique documentation from abandoned psychiatric wards around NY and a lovely damask pattern and I of course laid the Audrey Hepburn stencil down.   This work is available for a very limited time.

**This piece is available for a limited time SOLD!!!  See more at my Etsy shop  CLICK  –> HERE <–

Yours Truly

Yours Truly

  1. […] “Yours Truly” – Audrey Hepburn Collaboration w/ My wife. […]

  2. What a great piece! And I love how you embraced the soft curves of her face when other artists want to emphasize the sharp angles of her chin and high cheekbones. This truly puts on display the sweetness of her face.

  3. rgdole says:

    this might just be my favorite…

  4. Shannon says:

    I love this! What a wonderful collaboration piece 🙂 Beautiful!

  5. Audrey Hepburn … now THAT’s CLASS!!!

  6. lila says:

    I see you are still creating wonderful pieces! This is fantastic.

  7. petit4chocolatier says:


  8. Avec Veritas says:

    LOVE IT!!! Vera

  9. Alex Hurst says:

    This piece is absolutely gorgeous. You have great talent!

  10. Love the piece! You and your wife did a superb job!

  11. Hrafn says:

    I absolutely adore this piece, you should do more collaboration work with your wife-I would love to see large scale!

  12. That looks fantastic – as I am a massive fan of AH, it’s nice seeing her in a new and artistic form!

  13. photolicioux says:

    Oh! What an wonderful piece!

  14. jojodiet2013 says:

    Beautiful !!! Love it!!

  15. Vikingessa says:

    Ironically a friend showed me this off of etsy the other day. Love Audrey. Gorgeous.

  16. Due to my love of Audrey Hepburn, I find this absolutely beautiful!

  17. I’m an Audrey fanatic myself. Great piece! Looking forward to seeing other works of yours.

  18. alightswitch says:

    Beautiful collaboration

  19. I just love this. It’s gorgeous.

  20. Sabra Bowers says:

    I really, really like collage. This one is interesting.

  21. Kate Lester says:

    This is a very intriguing technique. Very nice.

  22. kelihasablog says:

    Fantastic collaboration! You two make a great team! 😀

  23. Great concept, superb result! : )

  24. This is very pretty! Kudos to you and your wife!

  25. That is screaming Breakfast at Tiffany’s at me. Fabulous!

  26. Yours Truly is truly amazing.

  27. Emily Anne says:

    This is awesome. I forget how I found your blog, but every piece you post is really amazing!

  28. L. Marie says:

    Wow! Beautiful collaboration!

  29. Expat Eye says:

    The Audrey Hepburn piece is beautiful.

  30. Leslie Stockton says:

    I LOVE IT .. excellent 🙂

  31. ChgoJohn says:

    Such a beauty, both the piece and subject.

  32. iwentcrazy says:

    Very nice. This is the second collaboration I have seen with your wife. As an artist, does she have a name she signs? 🙂

  33. T E Stazyk says:

    Commenting so I can subscribe–your stuff is great!

  34. onecoolsoul says:

    I must say that is a beautiful depiction of Audrey Hepburn there!

  35. AinaBalagtas says:

    You’re a phenomenon!

  36. Nice teamwork. Audrey is DEVINE!

  37. Jennifer says:

    Very nice, love it!

  38. neatnik2009 says:

    Lovely! My beloved REALLY likes it, of course.

  39. jimidcricket says:

    this would make an interesting and unusual design for a pair of high heeled shoes would it not?..
    seriously tho, audrey always makes such an engaging stencil piece. I like what you two did there

  40. Bekah says:

    God is awesome! Congrats to you and your wife…I pray that he will provide for vision and direction for you both. Where two or more are gathered–he is there in the midst. Stay in Agreement!

  41. markharwoodwriter says:

    God, it’s fantastic. My wife-to-be and I have talked a long time about collaborating on a novel, but of course – life happens. Glad to see some good love making good art. (Wow, that sounds way creepier than I intended it.)

  42. jser67 says:

    Her beauty was timeless. Georgeous

  43. jser67 says:

    Audrey Hepburn is one of my all time favorites. Her beauty was both inside and outside.

  44. tgeorges1123 says:

    Does someone have $250 I can borrow? 😉 This is really great. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I have the fundage.

  45. msmontijo says:

    Audrey Hepburn is just the epitome of Grace and Elegance……

  46. adri2727 says:

    Love this piece!

  47. Anjana says:

    Gorgeous & inspiring!!

  48. Great work…Audrey Hepburn appears almost as an apparition! Love it

  49. Ruby says:

    Totally amazing!

  50. This is really brilliant , so creative and I love Audrey wow xx

  51. rubyredfort says:

    The background is really nice. And Audrey is one of my fave actresses! I am really into vintage, so this is definitely the one for me. I live all the collaborations with your wife. And even the ones on your own!

  52. mkbansal says:

    Nice !!! very creative.

  53. Luddy's Lens says:

    This is brilliant! Any other type of docs might not have worked as well.

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