“Optimism” – Spray Paint on Canvas by me…

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Art Work
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“Optimism” — This is a piece that I have brought to many exhibitions from Virginia to Chicago and back to the NYC area.  As I get ready to create a lot of new art for my upcoming exhibition in San Diego this May I wanted to post more work on here for everyone to see.

**This piece is available for a limited time HAS SOLD!! .  Please see more on my Etsy shop  CLICK  –> HERE <–



  1. asyouperceiveme says:

    This is such an awesome piece. I wish it wasn’t sold!

  2. babylonmagus says:

    Stunningly beautiful!

  3. kpriyata says:

    you are very talented and your art is a beautiful inspiration for everyone trying to find beauty in this world.

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Captivating. Excellent, excellent.

  5. charlottesrow says:

    You are a creative inspiration!
    Again, beautiful work.

  6. Beautiful! You have great talent!

  7. This is very beautiful!

  8. Wow, you are so talented!

  9. This is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen spray paint used in this way.

  10. kelihasablog says:

    Your work always amazes me… 😀 It’s always so unique and spectacular! 😀

  11. Shards Of DuBois says:

    THAT is one of your finest!!! wow!

  12. localsavi says:

    This is a great piece!

  13. shareenarciso says:

    “**This piece is available for a limited time HAS SOLD . ”

    I was honestly going to check it out. This was the first time I ever had the compulsion to buy ANYTHING online. Darn! Haha. I’ll keep an eye on you brother!

  14. shareenarciso says:

    Oh my god!! This is too beautiful I just might faint.

  15. This is an incredible view! Thank you!

  16. One of these days I’ll be able to afford you work! You’re very talented and free!

  17. trishdar says:

    that Is the most amazing picture of an eye I have ever seen. You can even see the emotion in it!!

  18. phoenolf says:

    epic eye is epic O_O

  19. wow I really get a sense of the eyelashes on this piece–it seems so real.


  20. musingnude says:

    Powerful! There’s so much movement that stirs the heart.

  21. jmob33 says:

    Really amazing!!

  22. d1nx says:

    Amazing stuff – I really love your work!! Have a fabulous weekend.

  23. Absolutely great. Thanks for sharing this creation.

  24. I am trying to imagine full-sized. Such depth.

  25. Victoria says:

    Reblogged this on vixviews: from the rearview mirror and beyond and commented:
    Thanks to Ray, and his permission, my current avi pic. It’s awesome.
    I’d would so have this hanging on my wall, if I could.

  26. Eyes of the beholder!! Beautiful. Have you ever done a book cover?

  27. Reblogged this on rachelsigler21's Blog and commented:
    check out this wicked piece of work

  28. The detail is wonderful! Don’t change what you’re doing.

  29. prewitt1970 says:

    Brilliant,!! It still boggles my mind that you do these with spray paint.

  30. blue4vienna says:

    It’s amazing what you do!

  31. EHayes says:

    Your talent really is remarkable.

  32. godtisx says:

    Wow, this is incredible…

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