This piece of mine titled “Vice”  Hand cut stencils and spray paint.  Enjoy!

Want to see more stuff check out my Facebook page.  I post lots there!  


Spray Paint on Canvas

  1. This is sensational stuff, it really is. Amazing stuff, what a talent.

  2. So inspired by your works! 🙂

  3. rashmisinghh says:

    So talented! I love your stuff

  4. Inspiring work. You have an amazing talent for art work. Keep em coming!

  5. I love your work. I could spend hours in appreciation.

    Will be in touch for sure.

  6. what a fantastic style…i love these noir images!

  7. dunkmcl says:

    Woah, you have so many amazing pieces but I just love this. Fantastic!

  8. This is just beautiful.

  9. mjtannian says:

    I finally used this spray painting of yours as a source of inspiration. You should check it out 🙂 I’d like to know what you think.

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  11. A says:

    You are a very talented artist! Wonderful pieces! 🙂

  12. I actually for a moment thought this was a painting of me. you know me being a narcissistic and all. i realy dont know who this is supposed to be…is it just a random person? I then thought of JIm Morrison LOL

  13. Wow! Sensational talent!

  14. ireneroro says:

    me encanta!

  15. coffeebeans76 says:

    Fantastic, surreal, amazing

  16. Conlabentis says:

    I like this piece in particular because it reminds me of my poem Beautiful Stranger on some level. Keep up the excellent work and I hope to see more that have a feel of the strange to them.

  17. ghetto333 says:

    This is some good stuff Dude! I posted you on my Facebook.

  18. Meredith says:

    This is honestly incredible. I would love to own this someday. Well done you!

  19. PatriciaCollette says:

    Wow! I mean… wow! Stunningly gorgeous and such attention to detail. Crazy brilliant. Your art is magnificent!

  20. oh my – simple but awesome art!

  21. jgann22 says:

    I love these paintings 🙂 THey are really good.

  22. hello there … i really appreciate your work and i’ll send your link to other people i know…:)

  23. You obviously enjoy what you do – Great! Happy New Year 2013!

  24. Beautiful work. Just supported you and hope you get picked!

  25. Beautiful piece of artwork! It’s so mystifying… 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

  26. Great work – love the shadowing effect!

  27. “Nostalgia is a seductive liar”- George Ball.

    This reminds me of that quote all too well… very beautiful artwork indeed 🙂

  28. Andy says:

    I’ve pinned this on my Pinterest Art Board with link back to you. Thank you.

  29. Xyalon says:

    Fantastic. I love how there seems to be an atmosphere hinting at the ephemeral nature of such vice.

  30. appiwi39 says:

    Amazing work! Keep it up!

  31. ladyhawk87 says:

    This is so nice! You are really talented.

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  33. […] "Vice" – Spray Paint on Canvas. […]

  34. mandmdesign says:

    Your art is pretty awesome man!

  35. Wow! absolutely incredible!

  36. The Hook says:

    That takes true talent.

  37. maryamchahine says:

    I don’t like people who smoke, but this is one stunning image! Great work!

  38. Ira Mae and Crawfish Creek Manor have nominated you for the Leibster award…because she believes you have a wonderful blog.

  39. wow. Just WOW. You are really good!

  40. kelihasablog says:

    I still just love your work/art. I had the little girl one on my FB page as a “share” for a while… All of it is amazing! 😀

  41. It did come out smooth! Good work! That’s really nice spray paint on canvas.

  42. Like the concise title of your piece.
    My daughter would Love this.

  43. Giovanni says:

    You have certainly captured “vice”. Reminds me of the painters of decadence during the latter part of the nineteenth century (& early 20th): Klimt & company.

  44. hotflashez says:

    WOW! You have a great collection here.

  45. mjtannian says:

    wow I love this. The girl is beautiful, and you really capture the edginess of smoking. It becomes that much more edgy/sexy with this girl doing it.

  46. thevintagehealth says:

    I can’t stop staring at the woman with the cigarette…what an arresting image!

  47. zoey101745 says:

    that design is amazing!!

  48. Your work looks amazing. I was wondering…what do you use to cut the stencils out? Do your tools vary depending on the size? I also think looking at this sort of art work in different lights is great, you get to see the image a little differently every time 🙂

  49. Gardengirl says:

    I found you on something called see me and commented there with my google+. Your work is amazing.

  50. djdfr says:

    You have a very interesting technique.

  51. Your work is really deep and mysteriously attractive! I like em! Keep up the good work and good luck traveling and working!

  52. dirtdaubber says:

    Seriously cool works. I already show my students how to do the simple spray paint paintings of planets in space, but yours are really visually attractive, and a great use of this versatile medium. I will share with them!

  53. Some of these images are quite amazing and that they are created in that way just adds to effect.

  54. Korifaeus says:

    Really great stuff. Such talent, 😉

  55. Having seen your site, wow! You have developed a very unique and powerful expressive form. I love the tension in your images…it grabs me and holds on. Very strong and evocative.

  56. Rosy says:

    In the words of my well trained and now very deceased bird “Who’s a clever boy then?” 😀 Fantastic!!!

  57. Love the originality, you’re got a wonderful eye and touch.

  58. Crimson says:

    You create amazing art. I am mesmerized!

  59. Love your art work. I never would have thought to do such a thing at spray paint on canvas. I think of canvas and I think of brushes and the such.

  60. awe inspiring and quite beautiful, paintings.

  61. Absolutely stunning and so divinely different! This is some pretty spectacular works of art. I am impressed/
    I love the texture you are able to achieve – very ice!

    If only was not on the west coast..I;d be at your exhibit

  62. Really awesome work, moody and poignant.

  63. Imprecise Motif says:

    now this is art.

  64. pancuco says:

    Sick!I live upstate and there are tons of pieces throughout the inner city,mostly graff.It’s all art though ;)Love this kind of stuff.Powerful!

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  66. dashcooray says:

    Wow!! You’re a fantastic artist!!

  67. ssrijana says:

    wow beautiful and classic colors.

  68. galyablog1 says:

    White on balck – beautifull and stylish. Classic in the genre!

  69. riedstrap says:

    Love it. The shading, the image, the posing. Love it.

  70. Julie says:

    That is amazing!

  71. bjhayward says:

    Reblogged this on bj hayward images and commented:
    The images, the style… rather than say anything more I suggest you see for yourself and let the art do the talking…

  72. jadesandwich says:


  73. MothersHeart says:

    Reblogged this on MothersHeart and commented:
    Stunning work.

  74. fashionloud says:

    Amazing work!congrats..

  75. Heartafire says:

    Beautiful! I am very impressed with your artwork. You are truly gifted.

  76. Wow. Your work is great. And with spray paint! I’ll be back to see more of your art.

  77. stenid says:

    I’ve never seen something like this before, so cool and unique and beautiful!

  78. migueltio says:

    Increible. I can see Marilyn Monroe there. Was that who she was based on, or is it her? If not, it captures her.

  79. bubblytee says:

    You have been blessed with an enormous gift — that allows you to share with US…we are thus all blessed!

  80. joeredhead says:

    Dude, your work is awesome!

  81. mrsdeboots says:

    Gorgeous as always!

  82. jamieaaron03 says:

    It’s amazing!

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