Latest Custom Stencil …… Tea Party

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Art Work
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I really like this one and it was super fun to work on.  Since these are from my hand cut stencils if you are interested in purchasing any of these on canvas please contact me……   or want me to make something for you or your business?

Email me:

         Custom Stencil Piece



  1. Garangwyn says:

    When I saw the title I was afraid this was going to be political. LOL Absolutely amazing work!

  2. poppytump says:

    Feel all nostalgic looking@ this ! Always enjoyed a good Tea Party 😉
    You are very talented ..glad that you are exhibiting .

  3. apollorose says:

    “When the power of thought meets the power of action, a result is born.” Gackt
    You’re very talented. 🙂

  4. thewritemama says:

    This tea party reminds me of my childhood; I enjoyed coming by to see your artwork!! : )

  5. Your art is very unique and captivating. I love how you take an image and create a different visual perspective than anything else I’ve ever seen.

  6. engchick23 says:

    Very cool! It’s crazy to think this picture was made from hand-cut stencils, but it looks great. Keep creating!

  7. magzmama says:

    I am so in love with your artwork! If I ever rejoin the employed, I’m buying your work at etsy an would love to ask you about a mama tattoo logo.

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